Комната через два этажа

Спроектируйте кухню с обеденной зоной, гостиную и рабочее место.

Art lover

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Art lover

Hope you like it! also for some reason, because i don't have premium, i couldn't change the color of the stairs and that other thing.. whatever i hope you still like it!

2020-10-26 21:08:10
Art lover

and something weird happened to the door.

2020-10-26 21:08:58
Toga Himiko

Ok I think it has a really nice layout maybe bit of different shades of yellow not just one good luck Pls see me on page 1

2020-10-27 03:07:12
Art lover

Thanks Toga! I will check yours out soon

2020-10-27 18:06:40

Yes, I have been waiting for someone to do the kitchen on the top, and you made it look awesome! I love the colour palet you used it! I really think it's cool that you went with a restaurant style! My project is on page 1 if you want to come and see!

2020-10-28 12:21:37

Hey, I liked the green palette theme. It's looking awesome. I Loved it.

2020-10-28 14:56:54
Art lover

Thanks Nikolas! I will go check your project out soon!

2020-10-28 18:47:41
Art lover

Thanks Mehaanshi! I love it too

2020-10-28 18:47:54
Maria LU

Wow, this project is really good!!! It's new, beautiful and cool! I voted. Please, can you see my project too, arrive my Id and see? if you like it, vote please.

2020-10-30 12:32:34
Art lover

Thanks Maria apreciate it! ill check urs out now

2020-10-30 15:59:34

love your piece think its really cool

2021-02-01 12:35:14
Art lover


2021-02-01 13:26:32