Квартира Моники из "Друзей"

Спроектируйте прихожую, кухню и гостиную Моники из сериала Друзья.

yusuf somay

Комментарии (5)

Huzaifah Al-Quraishi

ASSALAMUALAIKUM, MASHALLAH i really love your project so much! amazing! i will be voting for your project! check my project on page 3!

2020-10-12 16:53:08
Huzaifah Al-Quraishi


2020-10-12 16:53:16
Isaac Schultze

Hi I love your project but it seems a bit empty I suggest adding a cabinet or two on other walls and putting some floor lamps or shelf lamps besides that awesome design!!! please check mine out on page 7 so I can get feedback on how I can get better. (I didn't know that friends was a T.V. show so I just did my own design on it hope you like it!!!!)

2020-10-13 16:50:11
Saulė Kardašaitė

Hello, lovely design! I really like the kitchen area, those dark cabinets with marble countertop! It looks so elegant and modern. Also, you did a great job not loading the whole space with things. You managed to fit a lot of sitting places and harmonize the color palette by choosing two main colors. Well done and good luck! If you can, check out my design on page 1 and leave your honest opinion!

2020-10-14 08:50:49
Huzaifah Al-Quraishi

Assalamualaikum Yusuf, I like your project! The living room looks so nice! The kitchen is amazing! I LOVE the way you arranged the furniture! ! SO TALENTED....! I voted for your project! please vote for me on page 3!Assalamualaikum.

2020-10-16 00:56:26