Бело-золотой интерьер

Спроектируйте спальню с ванной. Основные цвета - белый и золотой.


Комментарии (5)

Potato chip

Thank you for your comment. Your room looks great. I like the pink.

2020-10-01 16:33:50
Milica G.

Very cute space! I like the shade of the pink color! Voted! Good Luck :)!

2020-10-02 19:27:25
Hall Pat

Muy bonito. votado. Te agradecería mucho si visitaras mi proyecto y dejaras un comentario o sugerencia :)

2020-10-03 00:13:05
Born to be Wild

Hi, thanks for your comments. Love ur design. Voted for u!

2020-10-03 12:35:35

Love the pink bathrobe hee hee :) Overall, it is very pleasing to my eyes. A very functional bench you have there that lines the hallway!

2020-10-04 08:35:55