Интерьер маленькой квартиры в старом городе

Спроектируйте интерьер квартиры с основными зонами - кухня, гостиная, спальня и ванная комната. Кирпичную стену интерьере изменить нельзя.


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User 12006058

2020-09-21 21:18:02

the idea with stairs connected to the working desk is cool

2020-09-22 05:37:14

however, they`re a little bit dangerous

2020-09-22 05:38:14
Milica G.

It is simply perfect! The transfer from working to sleeping area, with leveled floors, which gave a little gallery, looks amazing! The apartment really is a bit tricky, but your layout solved all the tricky parts.

2020-09-22 07:42:38

Hi again! Yet another AWESOME project! how do you do it? I'm on page 26 if you wanna see mine, and I found a kid (like you) who needs some recognition: M bu on page 12! :>

2020-09-22 14:14:41
Izzy Moonlight ☾

Cool! :D

2020-09-23 14:49:34
Izzy Moonlight ☾

Your the best project i have seen all day! The stairs idea is absolutely genius!

2020-09-23 19:04:40
Hall Pat

Wow, que diseño! Tus diseños siempre son geniales, felicidades

2020-09-23 22:11:03

This is so COOL , I just love it from the color you chose to how you raised the bedroom area , this is just creative at another level , I absolutely love it . If you don't mind plz check out my design on page 42 i will really appreciate it .

2020-09-24 16:56:18
Milica G.

Voted, wish you be in top 5!

2020-09-25 05:34:34

hi! i really like your design especially those colors i like them.pls check mine on page 4 and vote for me if u like it.

2020-09-25 07:14:49
Hall Pat

Votado! (Sin compromiso)

2020-09-25 13:48:35

Great work, I voted.

2020-09-25 17:57:43