Комната в пастельных тонах

Спроектируйте кухню с обеденной зоной и гостиной. Интерьер должен быть в пастельных тонах.


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ok. there is some issue where is my kitchen cabinet ? I'm 100% sure it was there ....

2020-09-14 17:48:43

Hii, thanks for your comment. I love yourss. I love the dining area ^_^ I think you accidently delete the kitchen cabinet. But I can imagine it that it will definitely looks very nice ^_^

2020-09-14 23:13:53

welcome .... Thank you soooo much . IDK what went wrong with the kitchen cabinets . I even matched the cabinet colors with sofa .

2020-09-15 05:13:15

It is an invisible kitchen cabinet, we know it is there because there is a fruit bowl on it ;-) The layout is nice and I like that you have chosen different colours. The lilac an blue actually go nicely together and they are not colours you often see together.

2020-09-15 22:10:23

Voted! And sorry, I'm leaving this same comment for others too, because I don't have any connection to my brain right now, and I just want to vote for the ones I like for now. If you want an original comment, please just leave a comment on my design, and I'll get back to you when my brain is working again. Page 15. Sorry.

2020-09-18 06:13:50


2020-09-19 03:18:15