Дерево, бетон и металл

Спроектируйте интерьер кухни и гостиной с этими материалами - дерево, бетон и металл.


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Hall Pat

Wow es un gran trabajo, es genial en verdad uno de mis favoritos. Bien echo :) Te agradecería mucho si dejaras un comentario en el mio, estoy en la página 3 de verdad me ayudaría bastante :)

2020-08-17 21:06:25
Flame X Rose

Wow, i like your idea raising the floor. Very creative. I love the green color too. It looks ver nice :) i’m definitely voting for you. Please check mine out on page 3 and comment what you think about mine also.. leave a link page where you on.so i could easily find you and vote for you when the vote started. https://planner5d.com/contests/works/?page=3

2020-08-18 00:46:00

That is a really interesting and cool design. I love the use of that shade of green too, I think it gives a nice touch to the overall. Great job!

2020-08-18 16:09:35
Sophie Lyons

Thanks for the comment on my design! It was so smart how you raised the floor and the overall floor plan is wonderful! The green is really cool! Nice job! You definitely have a shot at winning this competition! Good luck!

2020-08-18 23:34:38

wow i love how the spacing and the green colors go together

2020-08-19 06:19:50

Thank you so much, Sophie Lyons! :)

2020-08-19 18:54:52

I like the design very much, the partitions are very nice, you planned it smartly. If you want to see my design on page 22.

2020-08-20 11:00:05
Hall Pat


2020-08-21 03:01:16