Интерьер гостиничного номера

Спроектируйте интерьер гостиничного номера - спальня с ванной комнатой. Основной цвет интерьера - коричневый.


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User 9424078

2020-08-12 02:28:18
Victória Scorpioni

I REALLY love your project. It's cozy and relaxing, and PERFECT. This blue with this brown! Your is the best project in this contest. Congrats! For sure I voted for you. Please check my project in page 29. https://planner5d.com/pt/contests/works/?page=29 I hope you like it.

2020-08-14 14:39:53
Hall Pat

Votado! Por favor ve el mío en la página 2 :)

2020-08-15 20:41:03