Офис открытого типа

Спроектируйте интерьер офиса в светлых тонах с яркими акцентами.


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Hi Tatiana, I'm sorry if I did not manage to comment in time your previous project. However, here I am now. I think that this office is an ambitious and futuristic project. A lots is going on in there and I can see some bold statements. I think you did brave choices with no compromises. There are different textures, bright splash of colors and yet, somehow, there is a certain style that brings everything together. I like it. Please, have a look to my project at page 16. I decided to go bonkers with this project.

2020-08-05 23:50:26

wow! your planner is very good!!!! so i voted you. your planner is neat. if you like it please vote me for my planner. good luck!!! my planner is white house. thanks!!

2020-08-07 07:18:44