Офис открытого типа

Спроектируйте интерьер офиса в светлых тонах с яркими акцентами.


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User 9424078

2020-08-04 02:09:34

Thank you Erin. I like earthy tones, and green is a relaxing color.

2020-08-04 23:55:07
Your name

Looks very nice! Maybe at that workplace theyre working on protecting the environment.

2020-08-06 00:57:19

Thanks, Sounds like a good job working for the environment.

2020-08-06 02:01:58
Victória Scorpioni

Hey Willow! I really love your design, the colors and the way you put the trees. I voted for you. Come by my project in page 17. https://planner5d.com/pt/contests/works/?page=17 Thank you already!

2020-08-07 14:36:38

hi willow your project looks amazing i voted for you please vote for me on page 17

2020-08-07 18:14:03

Doungun Cool you Trolled me as well, I was feeling left out.... Do you feel like a big person now with a small mind?

2020-08-08 01:39:01

Thanks Victoria and Anonymous Will vote for you as I like the designs.

2020-08-08 01:40:55