Интерьер маленькой квартиры

Спроектируйте интерьер квартиры с основными зонами - кухня, гостиная, спальня и ванная комната.


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here is a render of my design https://planner5d.com/gallery/ideas/S7ZY3/

2020-07-27 18:25:21
Potato chip

Thank you for your comment. Your design looks really good.

2020-07-27 18:26:37
Interior Designsss

So creative!!! Please visit my project, on page 2, and vote when voting starts! Thank you!

2020-07-27 19:20:22

wow! its so nice! i really like the layout. i will vote for u, please vote for me on page 15

2020-07-27 19:28:08
Daniel L

wow gen i love your desing and colors oh my god soy daniel l tu viste mi projecto anterior de hecho me escribiste y te respondi. VOTE FOR ME PLEASE ON PAGE 20

2020-07-27 21:53:45

love it i will vote for you can you please vote for me on page 7.

2020-07-28 06:52:53

clever, like the floor levels, very cool

2020-07-28 22:30:18

Hi I really like yours come check out mine on page 12.

2020-07-30 15:02:36
User 13726813

2020-07-31 18:19:53

Hi Gen! Oh! The staircase solution is a creative in this contest! I voted!

2020-08-01 12:56:27

Feel free to check my design and vote up if you think I deserve it! Thank you!

2020-08-01 12:56:36
User 9424078

2020-08-01 23:28:55

Click onto my name to look at mine. Pls vote!

2020-08-02 07:18:11