Кухня с гостиной

Спроектируйте кухню соединенной с гостиной, в которой одна акцентная стена оформлена кирпичом.


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2020-07-21 11:55:29

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2020-07-22 19:58:28
Hall Pat

te eh votado, te agradeceria que dejaras un comentario en mi proyecto, puedes encontrarme en la pagina 22. si no quieres no te preocupes, no pienso anular mi voto :) https://planner5d.com/storage/s/ff645cc0bcf13778e6777dbc0ed8f4de_3505724.jpg?v=1595457930

2020-07-25 04:41:45

very nice project, I love the design and the color, I voted for you, can you go see mine on page 24

2020-07-25 06:33:57
Baby doll

Hi it's baby doll I love your work it is so neat and good I wish it could be my real house so I would love to vote for you if you can do the same to mine is on page 36 please vote remember your work is fantastic check me out on page 36… bye …..

2020-07-25 09:22:06

this is amazing, i haven't seen another design like yours. i love every single bit of it. the design on the roof is so clever, i would love to know how you did that!. i love the colour scheme you have used and the outside bit finishes off the whole project. you get my vote!!

2020-07-25 10:49:40

feel free to check out my design on page 9 and vote if you think i deserve it :)

2020-07-25 10:49:49