Привет, весна!

Спроектируйте праздничную комнату с обеденным столом в честь международного дня женщины!


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User 12006058

2021-03-08 16:58:55

thank you!

2021-03-08 17:04:20
User 16004304

2021-03-08 17:31:34

thank you!

2021-03-08 17:36:23
User 20244259

i like the pastel colours but my favourite part of the design is the artwork you made from the mirrors - amazing. please see mine

2021-03-08 18:47:11

Nice job! I like the pastel colors.

2021-03-08 19:38:11

Thank you dream designs, I really appreciate it and I will and thanks Doggy! :-)

2021-03-08 19:59:16
User 6292819

2021-03-08 20:26:02

thanks and I will

2021-03-08 20:32:04
Mari Mond

Oh lovely colors! I liked what you did with the mirrors and the decor is very good too!

2021-03-09 01:13:42
Valerie W.

Beautiful! Very spring-like!

2021-03-09 02:38:28

thank you both! I appreciate it! :-)

2021-03-09 07:41:00
Hall Pat

Hermoso diseño, todo es muy suave y relajante, así mismo te da una sensación abrazadora. Sería muy divertido comer aquí ;) Felicidades es un gran trabajo.

2021-03-09 15:55:47

muchas gracias, realmente lo aprecio y buena suerte en el día de la votación. :-)

2021-03-09 16:54:58

Spring feels very nice in your project. You’re probably filled with last week’s pastel colors. Nice.

2021-03-10 08:58:49
Ellie ;)

As soon as I saw the space my mouth dropped I saw that diamond filled with springtime colors and squares with the plant sticking out the side and I was wowed! It's amazing, I definitely see the springtime colors, yours is better than mine! The only issue is that the cabinets and wall and kitchen shelving/storage units blend so well that I can't even see them. Also, (this is very minor but the light fixture should be black, in my opinion) it blends with the cabinets and the wall making it no so visible. I do like the colors though! Overall, I LOVE IT, IT SCREAMS SPRING!!! Very impressive!

2021-03-10 13:23:13

thanks Tajana, thanks so so much Ellie, that it so so nice of you to say and I really appreciate everything you said! I will check both of yours out as you spent the time to see and comment on mine! :-)

2021-03-10 16:02:22

Tajana, if you see this I love your project, I can’t comment on it as my page keeps on crashing. I’ll try later and comment on yours!

2021-03-10 16:10:27

Hi, I love this project! Real spring colors, lovely pastels, and the decor is great too.

2021-03-11 21:01:13

thank you so so much! I really appreciate it as you’re such an amazing designer! :-))

2021-03-12 06:27:49

I know you made this last week but I think you should have won! Please check out my purple bedroom!

2021-03-15 18:12:27

Thanks so much!

2021-03-15 18:39:26
It’s_the_OG_ designer_!

Wow k u should have 100 percent won. I absolutely love this

2021-04-02 12:37:30

thanks so much! I was really hoping to but ever mind!

2021-04-02 12:55:06