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I am a senior in HS and im in love with real estate and designing, I have designed for about 4 years and have loved every minute of it. My quote: Success is not final ; Failure is not fatal : It's the courage to continue that counts. Winston S. Churchill
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floorplans faça você mesmo escritório arquitetura 3d
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This Is my own Standard Suite based off of ROBLOX, Bloxton Hotels. I choose the products for my room carefully and wisely. It was hard but I took my time on it. Anyone has the power to create what they put their mind to. So this is the exact bed from Bloxton, same Television, and almost the same bathroom furnishings.
Hello this is a no bedroom Japanese cabin were you can cook, make fires in the double sided Fireplace, watch TV, water your plants, and sleep on the couches under the stars. { If there was any } I took my time to build and it took two days but came out nice to me. Please feel free to leave any comment I would appreciate it.
Teen sister has a Green room and younger has a Yellow. 
  Each sister has their own kitty cat inside of the room. I did do a few changes to curtains in the rooms and with the relax room. 
    I hope you guys will like it and vote me.
This is a New York City loft apartment that I designed in a matter of 3 days. It has wood parquet walls, stone loft bottom, bottom floor is blue carpet, and the loft flooring is a gray parquet wood pattern. the bottom is the dining and the top is a private office.