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Hi everyone! I am a girl who loves to design. I am new to this so any tips would be great! I want to help other people become better designers as well! Thank you for reading this!
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This is a simple, yet modern, gym with accents of yellow everywhere you look. All of the gym necessities are here and much more. Make sure to let me know what you think in the comments. Personally, I have a bold style so it's a little bright, but I hope you get used to it. Thank you so much!
This is a modern and simple home with a light orange accent. It may be a little busy for you, but I like busy things. Please leave a comment and maybe vote? Thank you so much! Also, I tried to make it simple and modern. Hope you like it!
Happy holidays! Welcome to the
Hello my frenchies! That is what I'm gonna call you guys now since my username is Paris:) This week's task was hard. There aren't really any tropical patterns in here, so I improvised with tropical colours instead. I used a light palette, a nice jungle green, coral pink, and light wood tones. I also added a side patio for any visitors. On the green feature wall, I put some shelves to add storage and make it cohesive with the rest of the place. The headboard I made out of this nice tan stone because it went well with the rest of the place. I made a few texture pictures. Today, I decided to use leather. I think it adds character to the space. Also, I hope it isn't too much for you frenchies! Lastly, I added a corner to get dressed. Don't forget to comment and please vote if you like it! Au revoir!