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tried to go a little louder and more eclectic than usual to really get that vibrant and pieced together feel. In contrast, the modern elements I tried to keep more cohesive.

2021-01-26 22:06:28

I wanted it to feel like all of the furniture and décor were bought from flatpack stores like Ikea, at different times and then put together by, say, a college student and their significant other, both majoring in interior design. One with more bohemian tastes, one with more modern.

2021-01-26 22:13:06

Aaand I forgot the chandelier... oh well college students probably couldn't afford it anyway.

2021-01-26 23:05:12
Hall Pat

Eli! Que bueno que tengo noticias de ti! Tu proyecto es hermoso sin duda, muy ingenioso, me gusta el esquema de color, que mal que me lo perdí. Menos mal ahora pude verlo ;)

2021-02-06 23:03:31