Jordan Renee

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2021-01-25 08:48:45

i think everything is slightly to tight and would be annoying in real life

2021-01-25 12:09:54

im on page 49 btw

2021-01-25 12:10:26
User 19145838

2021-01-25 13:55:14

nice, its much too crowded thank yu for my commment

2021-01-25 16:04:42
✨g r a c e✨

I really like this New York Style interior!!! Good job :) please feel free to click on my name above and check out my design, thanks:))

2021-01-25 16:52:48

I really like it the bathroom and kitchen are the best

2021-01-25 23:52:33

i love this so much it so nice

2021-01-26 01:02:29
Stevenly Kurniawan

I think you should put less of furniture, so you can make it simple!

2021-01-26 02:13:54

I love it so much! You've really nailed that modern, New York styled studio. I love how the brick and white walls contrast, and I disagree that it is crowded, I think you fit everything in perfectly. The only thing I would've done differently, is I would've had a different color in the bathroom. Overall, amazing job!

2021-01-26 12:43:29

I like it! It is pretty. The bathroom, however does not match with the rest of the studio at all. Otherwise, it is great! Please check out mine on page 3! :)

2021-01-26 14:42:10
Jordan Renee

i do think the green accent wall is a bit BOLD, but i feel like it ties in with the greenery and gives a unique accent to the whole place ! it looks great with the gold accent and black!

2021-01-26 15:07:45

It's really nice! I love it! I sort of wish mine looked something like this

2021-01-26 15:09:30
Naruto uzumaki Dattebayo

I love it Jordan

2021-01-26 16:01:09

WOW! Check Out mine on my account!

2021-01-26 17:45:14


2021-01-27 00:23:38

Hey Jordan Renee, would you mind making a copy of this and publishing it so I can make a copy of that and add some personal touches?

2021-01-27 13:35:42
Jordan Renee

Sure MadMan!

2021-01-27 13:48:28

Thank you so much!!!

2021-01-27 14:03:34
Jordan Renee

all of these comments are so nice thank you all so much!! i enjoy the pointers as they help me grow as a future interior designer. i’m only a freshman in high school but have dreams to one day design spaces! i believe physcology plays a huge role in interior design as the space can affect your whole mindset ( i created a website on this topic and have many ways u can transform a space to boost your mental health! ) again, thank you so much and i hope to create more designs in the future!

2021-01-27 15:08:59

I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be pushy, but I cannot find your copy of this project. You might still have to send it to the gallery, and you can just do that by hovering over the three dots at the bottom-left of the project in your projects page, and then there is a button that shows up that you can click. Thanks!

2021-01-28 13:54:44
Jordan Renee

I’m sorry i’ll still new to this and copied it and it’s in my projects but i think i have to publish it!! So Sorry!

2021-01-28 14:08:35
Jordan Renee

Should be up now!

2021-01-28 14:46:23

Don't be sorry! I am also super new to doing this, so there is no reason for you to feel bad. It is up now, thank you so much for posting it!!!!!!

2021-01-28 14:49:50

I made a modified version of this that should be published, would you mind checking? If it is there, please tell me what you think!

2021-01-28 16:53:39