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I really like this living room do you guys?

2020-05-27 00:26:47
Ellie rose

On page forty vote for me and comment

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2020-05-27 21:00:14

Welcomed you Underground with open arms you knew How fragile their souls were to your abuse I let you roam around care free They're not your enemies All this time Determination served as your lone guide Mercy or genocide yours to decide But consequences they increase You will answer to me I exist outside it Even if restarted Your actions won't erase Nothing safe from my eyes You might but numbers don't lie I can see your real face So tell me Is there love is there love is there love in your heart Or kindness in your eyes Execute execute execute if you want Retribution for your crimes Were you honest with yourself 'Cause I'll know When I take a look inside Is there love is there love is there love in your heart Then judgement will be mine Might be fun But your brutality can't be undone And you know you don't want to get dunked on So contemplate your cruelty Only killers play dirty Spare their lives Consider twice before being unkind Or you will end up having a bad time No puns to make because it's true The jok

2020-05-27 21:01:09

ta da!

2020-05-27 21:01:16


2020-05-27 21:01:21

i made a copy of this song, how do you like it?

2020-05-27 21:01:39

also can u vote 4 me? i'll do the same to u, pg 30

2020-05-27 21:02:24
angelica “Dontstealmycookie” ferreira

love the colour scheme! please check out my design too :) https://planner5d.com/contests/detail/3071

2020-05-29 18:26:04

thanks, I will check it out! I especially love the royal blue chair

2020-05-31 03:01:49