Sydney J

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Hall Pat

Hola! Que bueno que finalmente subió un proyecto. Gracias por su comentario :) su trabajo es muy lindo.

2020-10-25 22:44:57

Hey Sydney, I really adore your project! The way you have created the steps to the bed, in the green bedroom, is simply so creative! It would be nice if the green room, had the same wallpaper as the other rooms, since it is the only different one, however your design definitely outweighs that small details

2020-10-25 23:01:44

I would love to have your feedback on my design at page 29! voted for yours!

2020-10-25 23:02:03
Sydney J

Oh I was in the middle of doing so when you commented on mine!

2020-10-25 23:02:58
User 12006058

2020-10-26 16:45:10
Sydney J


2020-10-26 19:52:48
Lincoln Stanley

Cool I like how the room is all green and how creative you were with the floating bed

2020-11-11 19:07:16