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User 15281715

2020-09-14 19:11:29

Sweet! Nice colors. Check me out on page 15.

2020-09-14 19:21:41
User 12006058

2020-09-14 19:43:05

Wow, This is the first design where the kitchen was in the larger room! Very original. And it works.

2020-09-15 01:59:12
User 15281715

2020-09-18 02:35:21
Milica G.

Thank you for your comment and for voting. I have voted back and I honestly love your project.

2020-09-18 06:20:02
Interior Designsss

This is so nice! I love it! I voted!

2020-09-18 14:37:36

Hi , i am really loving the design , its simple and elegant . Don't get be started on the colors you chose , just amazing . If you do not mind plz check out my design on page 56 , i would really appreciate it .

2020-09-18 16:11:01
Potato chip

Thank you for voting. I voted for you too.

2020-09-18 18:00:00

Очень понравилась спальня. Голосую за ваш проект . Интересная игра с предметами.))))))Молодец!

2020-09-18 20:23:50


2020-09-18 22:38:28
Hall Pat

Que bonito, me gustó mucho la pintura detrás de el sofa donde la conseguiste? Muy lindo tu trabajo! Votado (sin compromiso). Si pudieras darme tu opinión sobre el mío te lo agradecería mucho

2020-09-19 01:17:05
Rainfall Sienna

I love how you matched everything and stuck to one color scheme, it's very beautiful and good job with the details! I also like how you did the fridge, it's modern and elegant. The table is a unique idea. Thank you for your comment on my room, voted with no obligation!

2020-09-19 13:15:50
Erika York

vote por vos me encanto tu proyecto

2020-09-19 18:56:20

Thank you all so much!

2020-09-20 00:29:54