Dia das Mães

Projete uma sala temática com uma mesa de jantar para celebrar o Dia das Mães.


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yossi moskovitz


2021-04-26 14:26:07

This is my dining room. This week's theme is related to Mother's Day celebrations, so i tried my best to make the room feel cozy and warm (just like a Mother's hug aww). I used a lot of brownish colors, wooden furniture, stone, and some greenery. Hope you like it :D. I will be very grateful to read ur comment and tips ~(@.@~) Have a great day, and take care of ur health everyoneee..

2021-04-26 14:57:23
Hall Pat

Hermoso diseño, me gusta mucho el estilo clásico. Y todos esos detalles. Felicidades :D y muchas gracias por su comentario.

2021-04-27 23:44:36

This is mind blowing! How did you do this, it fits the theme perfectly and this is so amazing I don’t even know where to start! Those colours are incredible and the layout is insanely good! I really hope you win bc this is the best design I’ve seen! Please can you check mine out by clicking on my name :))) best of luck to you and I’m 10000000000000% voting you!

2021-04-28 19:57:48

Thanks everyone~ I really appreciated it!

2021-04-29 13:07:11

I love it!!

2021-04-29 22:26:11
User 22186376

2021-04-30 10:21:41