Anna doggy

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Anna doggy

Vejam em 3d

2020-09-08 12:32:22
Hall Pat

En efecto es relajante y claro, pero cumple con el color requerido, únicamente me hubiera gustado ver algún computador para que pareciera más una oficina. (Sin intención de ofenderte) :)

2020-09-08 14:25:56
Ying Yang Art

esta cool me gusta tiene un ambiente relajante espero tu voto yo te dare uno

2020-09-08 14:42:15
Anna doggy

Gracias por tu comentario Hall pat, tu tienes rason

2020-09-08 14:51:23
Anna doggy

Ying Yang art, tanks

2020-09-08 14:52:34

Thanks for the comment! I love that instead of making an office, you made a small black and white meeting room, that's clever!

2020-09-08 16:54:32
Potato chip

Thank you for your comment. Your room looks very good. I like the walls.

2020-09-08 17:37:19
Anna doggy

Tanks everybody.

2020-09-08 21:37:08

Hii, woww, i love it. Love the flooring. Love the colors and the paintings ^_^

2020-09-09 00:21:52
Sarah K.

Lovely, thx for ur kind comment

2020-09-09 11:06:12
User 13286372

2020-09-09 13:11:10
Elena Z

Thank for your comment, your room looks very relaxing, maybe more a conference room than a traditional office but it is a lovely atmosphere

2020-09-09 13:13:28

beautiful room!!

2020-09-09 15:40:52
Anna doggy

Tanks everybody

2020-09-09 18:18:32

Hey Anna! Thanks for the comment! I absolutely love what you've done with the rug!! (goes very well with the flooring choice) Also the specific blue of the fabric covered ceiling is quite a nice touch. Over all very modern and very chill! n.n

2020-09-09 19:40:34
Anna doggy


2020-09-09 20:09:32
Anna doggy

Tatta, eu tbm sou brasileira.

2020-09-09 20:11:25
User 13283631

2020-09-11 00:48:04
User 13283631

2020-09-11 00:48:25
Asha Mahamed

i like it it pretty and thank for like in mine

2020-09-11 00:56:39

Voted ^_^

2020-09-11 02:40:22
Hall Pat


2020-09-11 02:50:22
Rizki Agustin

hello anna thanks your comment. I vote you

2020-09-11 05:44:22

Yours is amazing

2020-09-11 07:14:49

The floor goes well with the walls. The color ambiance looks nice. Voted !

2020-09-11 07:46:21

Voted :)

2020-09-11 09:56:44

Hi, I voted for you.

2020-09-11 11:35:35
User 13286372

2020-09-11 12:55:54
Art lover

vote for me

2020-09-11 16:48:17

quelle horreur j'ai envie de gerber

2020-09-11 17:12:01


2020-09-12 01:38:17

i've voted please vote for me as well on page 12 thanks x

2020-09-12 12:43:05
Erika York


2020-09-12 20:54:21
Huzaifah Al-Quraishi

hi !. i love yours. you are the best designer ever. ..... i love the color scheme so much! and the way you arranged everything. i voted for your project. please vote for me on page 1.thanks!

2020-09-13 02:03:11

Very beautiful

2020-09-13 19:36:21

Pretty cool, how you made a conference room instead of an office

2020-10-12 13:30:31

Sade ve şık olmuş.

2020-11-06 20:24:47