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2020-08-11 22:23:52
Born to be Wild

Your color scheme makes the space feel warm and cozy. The fabric design you have used for the curtain and bed is lovely. If i could tweak one thing it would be lighten the wall colors a bit to bring out the other design elements, but thats just my opinion :) Do check mine in Page-14

2020-08-12 05:11:25

The colors remind me of a hotel in India!! I really enjoyed the bathroom with the walls and a nice hint of green. Quite professional. I voted for you. Please check out my design on page 11, I will really appreciate it. :)

2020-08-14 15:58:19

Your hotel room looks good, but it looks more orange than brown. I still really like it. Voted! If you want to, you can look at mine on page 64.

2020-08-15 20:31:25
King Nessie

Thank you for voting for mine. I voted for your's too.

2020-08-16 00:31:11