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A studio in the city.

Komentarze (50)
I love it!
2021-02-08 15:59:33
Thank you very much!!
2021-02-08 16:01:17
Love it
2021-02-08 21:03:56
Thank you much!
2021-02-08 22:28:32
love it
2021-02-09 01:19:38
Thank you so much!
2021-02-09 02:16:20
I subscribed to your youtube channel! I hope you remember me!
2021-02-10 18:23:47
Aw, thank you so much! Of course I will!
2021-02-10 18:58:57
Hello I talked to you a few months ago, could you make me a house or room please!
2021-02-21 14:51:27
I'd love to! Would you still like that starter home? Or are you looking for something else?
2021-02-22 01:16:45
Well, I have 6 kids, I have five girl ages,4,2,2,8 months, 8 months and a newborn baby boy! For the house very very very tiny house about 200 square feet to 300 square feet. For the kitchen I want a farm house red and white cabinets and some olden styles to. For the living room/playroom I want just a modern clean beautiful room. For the master I want a beautiful clean room with one bassinet for Royal my new baby boy! For the 4 year old room I want a teepee room with boho,chci room style with a bathroom just for her. For the twins that are 2,I want a orange,yellow pink, and black room with a bathroom for them to. For the 8 month twin girls I want a cactus room full of fun cactus art work with plants and decor! The guest room I want a coach bed that is just simple and modern. Any Question??? How long will it take!
2021-02-22 18:13:09
I'm not exactly sure, is there a date you need it by? I'm also working on some other homes to be on time with my posting schedule. Sounds beautiful and I'd be more than happy to do it!
2021-02-22 22:09:50
Okay thanks I would like it by March 3rd
2021-02-23 00:22:22
Also please check out my design battle and comment!
2021-02-23 01:06:46
Just commented! But also, I'm sure I can do the house for you. I don't think I could do 3 bedrooms with their own bathrooms and a guest room, along with a kitchen living room and dining room in 200-300 sq ft. Maybe it's just me but I can't find how to fit all of it.I'm sorry!!
2021-02-23 01:56:13
Okay how about a one story 500 square foot house I think you can make it work I have had others make it work!!
2021-02-23 11:31:52
Also for the design battle check this weeks out the boys room please!!
2021-02-23 11:32:51
For the 500 square feet just do the same thing I said up above just in a bigger space!
2021-02-23 11:33:23
I tried it all out on a quick 2d format and I can only fit it all if each room is 40 sq ft. And the living room and kitchen are still only 85 sq ft and 84 sq ft. Also that left no room for any halls. I really don't think I can do it.
2021-02-23 15:06:28
With 500 sq ft I can only do 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, dining area, living room.
2021-02-23 15:19:17
Okay make it as big as you need but make it small too!!!
2021-02-23 18:30:07
Do you have any specifications on the dining room? Also, did you want a bathroom attached to the master? Is 1,500 too big? I feel I need some space for 5 bedrooms.
2021-02-23 23:04:52
No that okay! I want a dining room with 2 high chairs and chairs with a farmhouse style and yes I want a bathroom for the master!
2021-02-24 00:09:43
Okay, I will get started on it tomorrow night!
2021-02-24 02:58:07
2021-02-24 11:27:54
@AMV, I had the floor plan but I've re-done it twice now. Is there any size you'd specifically like the rooms? I don't want to make them to small yet to big either.
2021-02-26 23:54:01
It doesn't really matter but I want them like small. For the kids bedrooms I want them about 200 sure feet each! For the Master 300 square feet! For the kitchen and living and dinning it doesn't really matter! For the guest bedroom 100 square feet! Hope this Helps! If you have any questions feel free to ask?
2021-02-27 13:14:56
I know you are busy and stuff but we just found out they my sister is having quints five baby girls. The odds are 1 in 55,000,000 so if you could make a house for my sister and me I would love that!!!!!!
2021-02-27 17:09:06
Congrats! And okay, I'm not sure I'll get that in by March 3rd but how big for that house?
2021-02-27 17:41:31
I need my house done by March 3rd and my sister my March 5 th please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2021-02-27 18:01:25
2021-03-01 19:44:11
I think I can finish the first one but I haven't started on your sisters house yet. I will try!
2021-03-02 03:47:03
Okay thanks march 3rd is my birthday! And its okay if you dont finish my sister but it NEEDS to be finished my march 7th please!
2021-03-02 11:30:33
I'm working on the floor plan of your house. I re-did it 3 times. It wasn't functional the way I had it set up. Do you want it to be 2-story? I think I can at least give you a floor plan if I can get it done!
2021-03-02 15:27:22
If you'd like to give me your email I can send you the project but it would be on a different app. I can get it done MUCH faster using it!!
2021-03-02 17:45:38
Sorry but I would rather not do it! Is there another way?Also please finish my house and then my sisters
2021-03-02 20:38:05
Well with this app I am still learning, and the cabin was my first home. Which was only one bedroom. I need more time with 2 full houses if you want it on Planner5D and I'm not sure exactly how much with how much little practice I have. A full house on Home Design, I could definitely give you. That's all I can offer.
2021-03-02 20:53:36
My villa is my best project on this app but it's only 3 bedrooms and the house isn't furnished.
2021-03-02 20:56:20
Or I should say the biggest house that's finished as far as the floor plan.
2021-03-02 20:57:10
Oh okay well try your best. Could you post the draft of the floor plan and the basics were stuff should go please!
2021-03-02 23:34:23
Okay, also did you want the house as 1 floor or 2?
2021-03-02 23:35:28
1 floor and please post the draft
2021-03-03 00:35:12
You want it posted to floor plans and home designs correct?
2021-03-03 02:12:35
No I want you to post the floor plan on planner 5d!
2021-03-03 14:06:01
Right. In the floor plans and home designs section? So that you can download it?
2021-03-03 16:04:27
I think I'm going to have to delay your project at the moment. I can post the draft and get to it after my hurricane villa is done. When I'm not at work, I maintain my channel but I'm also working on a house for my boss that's for his client and I haven't been able to work on it so that I can work on your house. And for this villa I am required to use planner5d, which I'm still fairly new at. So, I need more time in the day, and just more time in general. I can't devote as much time as you would need someone to, at the moment. I'll still give you the draft!
2021-03-03 16:25:02
Okay please finish it thought in about a week please
2021-03-03 17:33:01
Could you please post the draft today so I could look. pLEASE!!!
2021-03-04 21:27:32
It's posted!
2021-03-05 02:19:23
This is very cool!
2021-04-03 15:43:45