Data iscrizione 2020
Opere di contest pubblicate
Shoquist Interiors  Kitchen and Living room project is a Boho inspired Kitchen and Living room. We made sure there was lot's of colours, but We left the walls white so it balanced out the whole space. We at Shoquist Interiors love this room and think it's really unique and inspiring for our other projects. We hope you like it.
-Shoquist Interiors
Our Gym Project has a Modern Boho feel, us at Shoquist interior really love it and would workout in this Gym everyday! We hope you like it!
This House is a really good starter Home for young adults. For the First Bedroom we added a desk and a comfortable Bed, we added a coffee table for extra effect in the Bedroom to really make it POP! The Kitchen we decided made sense to be in the center of the room so that makes the House stand out! The living room has a comfy couch and a good sized TV. The Dining area is a cool space with the mismatched chairs and glossy white marble table. The Extra space can be anything, we just put it as a storage area. 
Thank You!
-Shoquist Interior
Living Room, I added a marble fire place to make the room feel a more modern vibe and a dark carpet to balance out the marble flooring, And lot's of storage.
Dining Area, I added a big table for family get together's, Comfy chairs.
Entry, comfy patterned carpet, storage and plants for a nice touch to the room.