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Data iscrizione 2019
Hello! I am pretty new at this, but I love designing. I love the design challenges too! It is very fun to experiment with the different prompts. I hope you like my designs!
Opere di contest pubblicate
This project is Named Decor is Everything in tribute to decor bringing out the character in any space. My space is a home and an office in one. All of it is linked together by the decor (going back to the name.) Thank you Planner 5d for this experience. It was a lot of fun!
This is a project i worked very hard on and it consists of two full-sized beds for a maximum of 4 people. The bathroom is a very modern, well lighted room as well as the bedroom. Please enjoy!! I will take any criticism and feedback on my project. Please enjoy and only vote for me if you actually like this project. Also, I will not be answering to any copy/paste comments so please do not copy or paste your comments because it is not saying what you actually think about the project!!
This is a modern, well lighted space with a comfortable living room and a nice kitchen and a small mud room-type space and a nice dining area as well. This took me a long time to make so I hope you like it!! Please vote if you like it. :)
This project is a modern boho -style apartment with a nice bathroom and a walk-in closet as well. I spent a lot of time on this design so please vote if you like it! :)