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if anyone like this project, please comment and vote.

2020-06-22 19:25:04

Wow this is super cool! I will definitely leave a vote when voting starts! please leave a like and comment on my design, page 27. Thanks so much!

2020-06-22 22:30:10

Hi! I really like your project! Please check out my kitchen and leave a comment!

2020-06-24 10:48:20

thanks. i'll sure check

2020-06-24 18:54:34

wow! its so good! i will definitely vote for u when voting starts, please vote for me!

2020-06-25 15:11:39
Hall Pat

Hola vote por tu proyecto, agradecería mucho si votaras por el mío :) Aquí un render de mi proyecto.

2020-06-26 04:37:59

Hola. Gracias por revisar el mío. Por favor vota por mí también.

2020-06-26 08:28:09

Hi! I voted for you, I hope you'll vote for me!

2020-06-26 09:44:28

its rly good! i like it! i voted for u, i would appreciate it if u would vote for me!

2020-06-26 16:13:31
Eliot Francisco Dominguez

Anber tienes un hermoso nombre, pero tambien tu un proyecto asombroso. Aquí te dejo mi proyecto cualquier sugerencia es bien aceptada. También mi rénder está disponible

2020-06-28 18:36:39

Hi, I love your dark kitchen. You chose a great kitchen set and you placed everything in the perfect spot. I love the texture on the table and the wallpaper was great. I just voted for you. You are really talented and I hope that you can vote for me please? Please vote for me. Here is my link And here is the link to my renders Thanks again. Also Leave a comment so I know you voted for me. - Owen

2020-06-28 23:56:34

guys, i'm too late. I don't even know who won.

2020-06-29 10:02:41