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This is amazing, I cant even speak, it took me 20 min to figure out what I was going to say, WOW! I do have one thing maybe next time dont add so many lights

2021-01-25 04:37:24

yeah and thxx

2021-01-25 05:28:24
~ɬɧɛ ąƖ℘ɧą ῳơƖʄ (ცƖąƈƙ.ῳɧıɬɛ))~

huh its alright

2021-01-25 05:35:53

The dark blue- navy kitchen cabinets look very smart! Its great elevating the bed to carve out a small corner for the desks - very space saving.

2021-01-25 06:39:44

Thanks @Yeqoan and @THE BADDLE WOLF

2021-01-25 07:07:33

Great work .I really like the colors you added to the walls of bathroom.checkout my project on page 25.Good luck

2021-01-25 07:23:02
Dillon /Alpha_wolf/Sun wolf/Wolf of the Sun/Flames_Scout

i like it grandma

2021-01-25 13:59:16
✨g r a c e✨

Lovely design as always!!!! I really like the bathroom area! please feel free to check out my design by clicking my name above, thanks!

2021-01-25 18:29:21
Paris dreamer

Hi! Thank you so much for your comment! Very unique design! I love the bold colour choices and I really like the loft bed idea. I should have done that! I will comment when I'm done my entry but good luck!

2021-01-25 20:11:42

Thanks all i be sure to look to all of your project

2021-01-26 03:09:29
User 18743897

2021-01-26 03:40:04
User 18743897

2021-01-26 03:45:42
Dillon /Alpha_wolf/Sun wolf/Wolf of the Sun/Flames_Scout

have you heard from winter?

2021-01-26 16:29:09
Dillon /Alpha_wolf/Sun wolf/Wolf of the Sun/Flames_Scout

i have a new pup

2021-01-26 18:09:52
Dillon /Alpha_wolf/Sun wolf/Wolf of the Sun/Flames_Scout

your a great grandma

2021-01-26 18:12:58

2021-01-26 18:25:03
Dillon /Alpha_wolf/Sun wolf/Wolf of the Sun/Flames_Scout

what do you mean im meaning winter flame wolf/mom/Zoe hyte

2021-01-26 20:22:01

2021-01-27 00:03:17

No just asking who are you are you my grandma

2021-01-27 02:50:00
User 18743897

2021-01-27 03:55:08
Born to be Wild

hi Alpha Pup #5/Mom/Grandma/Snow_Alpha Wolf/Half moon Wolf I like your design, the elevated bed makes good space utilization. Very clever idea.I like the blues you have used as a color theme. looks very cool. there is so much dining space . Overall great design.

2021-01-27 04:46:39

Thanks Born to be wild,Hi Doggy

2021-01-27 08:25:28
Art lover

Hi I really like you project. My favorite is how you have designed the bathroom! Please check mine out, I would love to hear your feedback :)

2021-01-27 09:23:36

ok, and tnxx

2021-01-27 10:04:33
✨g r a c e✨

@Alpha Pup #5/Mom/Grandma/Snow_Alpha Wolf/Half moon Wolf, what did you mean when you left that comment on my page about Miracle Doggy?

2021-01-27 15:00:01
User 18743897

2021-01-27 15:35:03
User 19145838

2021-01-27 17:27:07

Sure and Thanks

2021-01-28 02:10:58
Paris dreamer

Hey! So I submitted my project, it's on page 365. Thank you!

2021-01-28 14:08:22
Dillon /Alpha_wolf/Sun wolf/Wolf of the Sun/Flames_Scout

Grandma when do i get to start training?

2021-01-28 18:27:54
Dillon /Alpha_wolf/Sun wolf/Wolf of the Sun/Flames_Scout

Hey,guess what I'm now the Sun wolf/Wolf of the Sun/King of the Sun

2021-01-28 18:34:22
~ɬɧɛ ąƖ℘ɧą ῳơƖʄ (ცƖąƈƙ.ῳɧıɬɛ))~

Big bro ;-; why are u ignoring me??:( for once im sad

2021-01-29 00:03:39
~ɬɧɛ ąƖ℘ɧą ῳơƖʄ (ცƖąƈƙ.ῳɧıɬɛ))~

AWo awo AWOOOOOOO :( *in saddness

2021-01-29 00:03:55

cheer up

2021-01-29 05:58:31
Dillon /Alpha_wolf/Sun wolf/Wolf of the Sun/Flames_Scout

Grandma i have 2 Valentines Girls who said they both would be my Valentine's the 2 are Its.ya.girl. grace and Its.ya.girl.rose they are both really nice to me Grandma Im happy they both said don't be sad,be happy!!!♥️

2021-01-29 16:28:03
Dillon /Alpha_wolf/Sun wolf/Wolf of the Sun/Flames_Scout

I'm not leaving the pack i just changed my name

2021-01-29 17:26:13

Cute studio. Please check out mine

2021-01-29 19:44:52

Thanks Belle

2021-01-30 00:10:17

And Itz ok sweety

2021-01-30 00:10:43

And for u Wolf asking for a fight just do it

2021-01-30 00:11:27

hey sis (again great project) how are you

2021-01-30 04:24:04

thx sist

2021-01-30 06:17:06

Yeah I'm fine but That baddie wolf just ask me to fight

2021-01-30 06:18:54

Hi Alpha Pup! Thank you for your comment. I really like the layout and the color scheme. A gallery bed is a great idea. The design of the bathroom was also well done. You have placed a double sink and yet it looks comfortable. I especially like the marble used in the bathroom. However, I would not place the refrigerator in front of the window, because that is how the light does not come in. Overall, on the other hand, it's a great job.

2021-01-30 17:01:12

Thanks Gabes.Yeah the refrigerator really block the window i just realize when i already submit

2021-01-31 01:32:55
Potato chip

Thank you for your comment, and sorry for the late reply. Your room looks very good. I like the walls in the bathroom.

2021-01-31 03:46:49

Thanks and it's ok

2021-01-31 04:03:21