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This is my project, please vote for me as I’ve never won anything and I would love to win. ❤️

2021-01-05 19:23:05

okay pretty good

2021-01-05 21:46:11

I have looked at all your projects ADD MORE COLOR mix match bleed. your kitchen is white bedroom is white bathroom is white car is white. everything is white. AAHHHHH. I think you need to add color, there are so many colors out there, you should look different colors up on the internet. I do not to mean rude, it is just a tip so you can get better

2021-01-05 21:49:05

Thank you for the feedback, I am working on a project at the moment and when I’ve finished it i will upload it. The projects that you’ve seen are old and I’m working in adding in a lot more colour. In this project it was a minimalist design with minimal colour and stuff like that. I’d like to see your projects because you barely add in colour either.

2021-01-09 10:25:13
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2021-02-17 18:44:50


2021-03-05 17:36:30