Mohammed Aiyesh

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Team Plure

This is nice!

2020-06-01 06:30:18
Mohammed Aiyesh


2020-06-01 06:52:34
Shaimaa Hilal

Wow, that is awesome Mohammed! I liked the details of the room the reflection of the light,the contrasting between the white that gives space and black that gives luxury is nice. I loved the teddy bears

2020-06-01 06:56:49
Mohammed Aiyesh

@shaimaa hilal Thanks!

2020-06-01 07:33:39
Cat lover

i really like your work and is very like mine if you could vote for me that would be great my project says Mary dwyer(my user name)

2020-06-01 16:10:17

I love the colours, i'll vote for you in 3 days, please check mine in page 11

2020-06-01 17:27:04
User 10840096

2020-06-01 17:42:03

what an amazing bedroom, believe me I wish I could sleep in it for one day only to have relaxation and get sweet dreams

2020-06-02 01:27:35

I will vote for you! Please vote for me! Here's the link! https://planner5d.com/contests/detail/3912

2020-06-03 00:15:59

I love it! I will vote for you, please vote for me, I'm on page 45!

2020-06-03 11:06:52
Mohammed Aiyesh

thanks to everyone thats gonna vote, if you vote i will vote back!

2020-06-04 00:25:26

your room looks really good i will be voting for you please share my work with others if you can: https://planner5d.com/contests/detail/3643/ also please comment your link on my room so i can remember to vote for you please also vote for me!!!

2020-06-04 21:48:40
Mohammed Aiyesh

Daanerom ok!

2020-06-05 02:01:57
maha Ayish

Love the stylish design! Very elegant! Well done!!

2020-06-05 02:30:30

Amazing keep it up bro!!

2020-06-05 02:34:45
Thea Miller

I love the colors!!! I will vote for you!!

2020-06-05 02:41:02
Mohammed Aiyesh

THANKS EVERYONE! I appreciate you guys voting!

2020-06-05 02:45:31
Mohammed Aiyesh

I will vote back to everyone that votes!

2020-06-05 02:46:40
Omar Elsayed

The room 3D modeling is incredibly useful. This design perfectly consider and maintain the requirements of : main purpose of the room, affordable budget, availability of free spaces, unifying theme, and Integrate a variety of lighting for best utilizing of both task and ambient lights. This is an Agile design for future Architect. All the best ...

2020-06-05 03:25:03
Mohammed Aiyesh

Thank you!

2020-06-05 03:52:54
Anna Fajar Hasanah

Love the monochrome color.. Anw, please visit mine https://planner5d.com/en/contests/detail/4025, kindly vote if you like it & I need your constructive advices :)

2020-06-05 07:14:02

i just voted for you. please vote for me on page 61

2020-06-05 07:17:23

Great design

2020-06-05 10:38:27

Hi, Mohammed Aiyesh. Great job on your design. I can tell you put alot of effort into it. you have my vote. Please vote for me at https://planner5d.com/contests/detail/3530

2020-06-06 13:06:04
Erica Lu

I will vote for everyone who vote for me https://planner5d.com/contests/detail/3535

2020-06-06 20:38:26

Hey, I want to vote for yours but I can't find the heart button to vote, can you give me the page your design is on so I can vote from there? Ps, your design is really nice, I love a black and white themed rooms.

2020-06-07 03:38:03

vote done thanks

2020-06-07 04:35:54

Hey Mohamed! this design is really nice could you vote for me? https://planner5d.com/contests/detail/3885

2020-06-07 10:43:38
Mohammed Aiyesh

Carmen123, I am on page 4. Also, thank you sooo much, tell me what page you’re on so I can vote to!

2020-06-07 19:51:20

i voted for you, please vote for me!! on page 8. https://planner5d.com/contests/detail/3643/

2020-06-07 21:17:32
Victor Taina

No lie I really like it. you did an amazing job

2020-06-09 06:43:29
italian student

Too much black and grey,but the complex it's nice.

2020-06-17 20:09:51