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Позитивный в цветовом решении проект. Вижу, что старалась передать своё настроение, чтобы создать уютную спаленку с разделением зоны для прихожей. Молодец!) Контрастно и гармонично!

2020-12-08 10:28:01

So brightly and unusual! Very nice!

2020-12-08 11:42:53

Hi, Somono. Thank you so much for your positive feedback about my project. Let's discuss yours. I think that there is a lot going on in there. Maybe too much. The yellow walls are really, really bright. The fact that you have gone for a wood-white floor and you have another white wall it makes it too bright. You should have gone for a softer shade of yellow. I see what you tried to achieve. The contrast with the green bedding and the bed head board would have been wonderful but the execution has let you down. Next time you have to consider this. Using to bright colors or not using a mediator element is like singing high notes all the time. As beautiful an high note can be, it can become simply too much. Think of soften contrasts or to use them in a contest. (Continue)

2020-12-08 12:30:14

You have gone for a nice wall paper which has an interesting pattern and again, you have put two pieces of art very colorful on it. Something smaller and less intricate would have worked better. You got 5 big paintings in the room and they have a lot of colors and patterns. Again, probably is little bit too much my dear. However, I like the layout of the room and the fact that you managed to create a small entry way using a storage unit as partition was a clever, clever idea. It gives more intimacy to the bed room. I like the cabinet with the 6 mirrors. Really retro, really nice to see. (Continue)

2020-12-08 12:34:49

The balcony would have been a lovely place but you have overdone it. You decided to turn it into a sort of garden and that's lovely but you don't need the green rug. Having just the stone-grass floor would be enough. I like the black and white pieces of forniture and the soft orange sofas (a nice pause from the tropical theme). In the end I think that you had some very good ideas but please, remember, that sometimes these ideas need to go in a direction, and sometimes is not a bed thing restrain your self just a bit. However, well done. I will keep an eye on your future projects. Good luck and keep working hard.

2020-12-08 12:37:58
Somono Alpha

thanks every one!!

2020-12-08 15:24:44
Somono Alpha

special thanks to yuri. i really appreciate you. thanks for paying attention to project . i will for sure use your tips . thank you very much

2020-12-08 15:26:21
Hall Pat

Hola! Lamentó llegar tarde, muchas gracias por tu comentario :) Primero que nada que colores tan brillantes! Por lo regular no se usan mucho, por lo cual me alegra verlos. El suelo que usaste es muy diferente, me da una impresión de un lugar muy limpio y creo que se lleva bien con el resto de elecciones de color. Hablando de esto los tres colores principales van muy acordé al tema, ya que son frescos y brillantes como mencione antes, pero sin llegar a saturar el ambiente. Algo que también me gusta es el uso de pinturas sin embargo creo que las que están en la entrada habría lucido mejor con otra imagen, ya que siento que varía un poco del resto. (Claro que solo es una sugerencia sin intención de ofenderte). Fuera de eso me parece que está todo muy bien dentro de la habitación, el buen acomodo de el almacenamiento y los detalles es un plus, además de que agregaste bastantes plantas y eso me encanta :)

2020-12-08 21:52:21
Hall Pat

Voy con la zona de exterior, me gusta que colocaras en ambos extremos asientos y que para cada uno de estos crearás una mesa, además de eso es muy interesante ver qué en lugar de seleccionar un suelo parecido o igual al de la habitación hayas elegido pasto y piedra, me parece que resalta más. En nuevamente me agrada el uso de las plantas :) bien echo.

2020-12-08 21:55:06
Somono Alpha

Hola Hall Pat ! espero que estés bien. gracias por tus ideas sobre mi proyecto. Siempre amo tus diseños únicos. eres tan creativo.

2020-12-09 10:54:38
Paris dreamer

Hi! Thank you for your comment! I think this design is really creative! I love all the colours and materials you used! My suggestion is to make more of a colour palette/theme so it's more cohesive. Overall, I really like you design!

2020-12-09 16:31:52
Paris dreamer

Also, my favourite part is the balcony, very well done!

2020-12-09 16:34:26
Richard Brown

Jamaican Vibes. love it

2020-12-09 17:37:18

Somono great job with your project. I love the bright yellow and dark greens, the dark orange and light green. You can feel the tropical vibe so keep up your work. Keep pursuing your goals because you'll get very far. Congrats on this awesome project and I hope to see more from you :)

2020-12-09 22:15:25

Oh espera hablas espanol? Crei que eras "iranian" pero ya ves. Cuantos idiomas hablas?

2020-12-09 22:16:39
Somono Alpha

Thanks paris dreamer!!!

2020-12-10 06:11:22
Somono Alpha

Thank you erickson for you good vibes!! Hope you do so

2020-12-10 06:12:28
Somono Alpha

si. Soy iraní, pero puedo hablar persa, turco y azeri, árabe, inglés y español. y un poco de italiano.

2020-12-10 06:16:50

I love it! please check out my project!

2020-12-10 09:43:03

Wow hablas muchos idiomas :) Yo solo hablo Ingles, Espanol, Koreano y un poco de frances. Wow eres inteligente haha. Are you pursuing any language-related major?

2020-12-10 12:49:44
Somono Alpha

Thanks vale . Sure!

2020-12-10 15:54:21
Somono Alpha

Wow , you are really intelligent too! Nice! No , the reason for learning most of these languages is my willing to learn them . And also iran is a country which different languages are spoken . Including persian,Azeri,arabic.

2020-12-10 15:57:34

^^ I see you are very dedicaded. Most people only know one language for their rest of their life. Others learn 2. You know 6.5 haha. Anyways, are you working on any other projects?

2020-12-10 20:43:48
Rin Takahashi

Hi! Thank you for your comment and I think that your design is nice but could use some work as I saw Yuri also gave this advice, you made the yellow walls to bright and the way the bookshelf is infront (Can't spell that) of the door would make this hard to move around if this was an actual room. You did try hard but next time you might want to think about this in the practial way as well as the theme.

2020-12-10 22:59:06
Hall Pat

Votado ;)

2020-12-11 01:00:09
Richard Brown

i voted for you

2020-12-11 02:14:12

Hi Somono, I decided to vote for you because I want to support you and your creativity. I think that you have got the potential to become a good designer. You have a very imaginative mind and a flamboyance that I really appreciate it. Godspeed my dear and see you next time.

2020-12-11 03:05:50
Rizki Agustin


2020-12-11 04:48:59
Richard Brown

thank you love and hugs

2020-12-11 07:51:45

You know I'm voting

2020-12-11 11:34:32
Somono Alpha

Thanks erickson!! & You know I've voted u too.

2020-12-11 14:13:39

It's nice. Voted

2020-12-11 14:31:31

It's so bright, vibrant, and full of life!! Great job!

2020-12-12 03:17:32

I voted for you, if you think my project deserves your vote, you get it on p. 34. thank you

2020-12-12 03:38:01

that yellow wall though

2020-12-12 05:05:08
Somono Alpha

thanks to all of you guys!!! I will check your's too!!

2020-12-12 07:06:01
Somono Alpha

Voted. That table in the balcony is cool.

2020-12-12 08:54:21
Somono Alpha

Lolll! I thought i was commenting on someone else's project.

2020-12-12 08:55:52
Rainfall Sienna

I think your design is very lovely, I disagree with some of the things other people said. It doesn't look too bright to me, and it is supposed to be tropical after all. I especially like the balcony area, the coral and green go well together. Thank you for your kind comment on my project!

2020-12-12 14:44:21
Somono Alpha

Thank you so much Rainfall!your design is so great , I again appreciate it !❤️

2020-12-12 14:48:54
Potato chip

Thank you for your comment. Your room looks good. I like the little coffee tables you made out of shelves, on the balcony.

2020-12-12 19:52:27
Elena Z

Hi, thanks a lot for your comment. To answer your question, I created the stairs using the double shelves and the painting without frame, just adjusting their height.

2020-12-12 22:31:43
Elena Z

And now about your project. The layout is good, the different zones are well divided and you put a lot of details too, and this is very positive. But please do not take it bad, if they ask me which style you chose I would say "tropical pop": there is a lot going on, you worked with some very strong patterns, maybe too many for such a small space. This is just my opinion, but you will get my vote because of your creativity.

2020-12-12 22:38:51
Somono Alpha

Thanks potato chip!!!

2020-12-13 05:55:09
Somono Alpha

Thank you elena for you opinion !! I would try to consider your tips for the next project. By the way you are soooo creative

2020-12-13 05:56:52