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Hello I like your design! I am on page 3! If you have time come see mine! Stay safe and have a great holiday coming up! I also have a few renders on page If you want to see them! Thanks Wild Doggy!

2020-12-02 12:16:13
Somono Alpha

Hi thanks! I'll check out yours!

2020-12-03 19:59:23
Rizki Agustin

I voted for you. Please voted me too on page 47

2020-12-05 11:22:35

Hi! Thank you foryour vote. The layout is good. I like it and I voted for you too.

2020-12-05 11:53:33

I voted you! I hope you and your family have a great Holiday coming up! Bye! Wild Doggy! U´ᴥ`U

2020-12-05 12:13:20
Mari Mond

Hi, I like your project, love the geen. Voted! :)

2020-12-05 13:20:49
User 12006058

2020-12-05 14:34:30
Paris dreamer

Thank you for your comment! I really like yours too. But I'm afraid I can't find the colour palette/ theme in this design. But I LOVE the marble floors! I hope this helps for next time!

2020-12-05 16:14:38
Somono Alpha

Hi thanks everyone!! I voted for all of you too!❤️❤️

2020-12-05 17:40:00
Somono Alpha

Thank you paris for your opinion!it will make me improve.❤️

2020-12-05 17:40:38

nice ! well-done ! u truly deserve my vote ! can u check my project and tell me what u think ? can u vote if u like it ? have a nice day :)

2020-12-05 18:09:40
User 12006058

2020-12-05 19:20:33
Elena Z

Hi, thanks a lot for your nice comment. You did not worked with the themed colors, but it is a nice project. Voted

2020-12-05 21:11:25
Somono Alpha

Yes miracle doggy for sure I've voted.your project is amazing

2020-12-06 17:28:47
Somono Alpha

Hi elena ! Yes actually i wasn't aware of color theme . Thanks!!

2020-12-06 17:29:47