Born to be Wild

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Nice! Its very modern, chic and neat! The little corner with the armchairs are kinda like a relax/ gaming corner - love it! Please feel free to comment on mine at Pg 6

2020-08-04 01:53:12
Victória Scorpioni

I've loved everything about your desing! i don't even have words to say here! Congrats Congrats and Congrats!

2020-08-04 12:27:12
Born to be Wild

Thank you @Victoria :)

2020-08-04 13:52:15
Aarna Gupta

hi,your design looks wonderful,its great I voted for because of you talent please vote for me on 3-

2020-08-07 02:13:48
Victória Scorpioni

Hey Born to be Wild! I'm back and I voted for you. Come by mine project in page 17. Thank you already!

2020-08-07 14:29:59

wow, This is epic! It sort of feels like People would truly enjoy working there because it's bright and colorful and not gloomy and dark like other offices! I'm impresse, Awesome job!

2020-08-07 22:38:11
Born to be Wild

Thanks @Adriana Which page are you on?

2020-08-08 07:33:03