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Hall Pat

Los colores claros que elegiste son bastante agradables, además en general transmite una sensación cálida y hogareña. Realmente es moderno sin perder el toque relajante. Bien echo!

2020-07-27 16:54:38
Sophie Lyons

Hey Cheekbones! I love your design! It is so cozy and creative! Wow! I'm impressed! Nice job! I'm on page 3 if you want to see mine!

2020-07-27 18:40:31

Hello, please check my project in page 16 And Renders : And please just leave your page number in my comment project with your renders and i will for sur give you a feedback more specific

2020-07-27 20:35:22

It's professionnal design ! can you please show your renders so i can tell more ? but i really like it reefined, simple and practical to live, I am just not fun of a big wardrobe in the entry, buy you did reallu great, don't forget t leave your page number and renders in my comment project so i can find you easilly for vote and feedback

2020-07-27 20:38:01

Nice! Its so neat and I love that elevated bed loft! The design is so zen. There are also very practical solutions - with more surfaces for placing objects/ people to sit around. A calming neutral colour scheme too!

2020-07-28 01:34:18
Milica G.

Wow, this one's really special, I love that leveled floor in a bedroom!

2020-07-29 12:48:59

Thank you guys! Really glad you like it.

2020-07-29 14:00:14
shashank alshi

Love the layout! The use of the elevation was genius. You can totally imagine someone living there. Awesome job! Do check out mine if you have the time. It's on page 19, the last one. Would love to get some feedback! Cheers!

2020-07-30 08:42:51
Leslie Knope

This is really good! I would love to live in it

2020-07-31 01:12:43
User 13726813

2020-07-31 01:25:07
User 9424078

2020-07-31 01:33:10
User 10840096

2020-07-31 01:45:08

i love it i voted 4 u pls vote 4 me on page 10

2020-07-31 14:25:59
Elena Z

Hi, you did a very good project. The layout is good, the light wood works really well together with the grey and white accents and the first impression from the entrance door is really nice! The elevated bed was a very good idea, and a real original plus! Voted

2020-07-31 19:52:42

Es un departamento que contiene de todo y me gusta que agregaste pinturas porque le da un toque especial a la habitación saludos.

2020-07-31 20:34:40
Anonymous Baby

wow amazing, voted.

2020-08-01 06:04:48

OMG! How did you create this stair?! I voted!

2020-08-01 12:43:01

Feel free to check my design and vote up if you think I deserve it! Thank you!

2020-08-01 12:43:05
Potato chip

Thank you for the comment. Your room looks very good. I like the elevated floor. But I just don't think that having a surface right in front of the oven is a good idea. I'm sorry to say.

2020-08-01 18:29:17
Interior Designsss

Very good layout, and very creative!!! I love the bed area! I voted!

2020-08-02 02:18:53

hi i really like your project i voted for u pls vote for me on page18

2020-08-02 11:33:42

it is good

2020-10-18 23:33:46