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some person

Please tell me your honest opinion

2020-07-22 17:23:05

looks great only thing I would've changed is the colour of the couch to match the kitchen counter

2020-07-22 18:27:04
some person


2020-07-22 18:30:32

Hello, please check my project in page 14 And Renders :

2020-07-22 20:36:08
shashank alshi

You can do a lot more with it. Its a good start but I really think you left it halfway through. Try fit in more things and then remove when it seems too much. Good effort!

2020-07-23 13:41:58
some person

I did do that I couldn't find anything that looked good with it though

2020-07-23 19:15:02
Aarna Gupta

hi,nice living room with kitchen,looks good i voted for u please vote for me on page 3

2020-07-25 16:31:19
some person

thank you for voting for me I am going to take a look at yours

2020-07-26 03:03:25