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Product Configurator

The best way to visually present and sell configurable products to your customers.

Showcase your products in real environments. Let your customers play with your catalogue!

If you manufacture or retail complex and configurable equipment, furniture, home goods, consumer goods, or healthcare equipment, Planner 5D Product Configurator will instantly improve your online sales.

Powered by Planner 5D visualization technology used by tens of millions of people worldwide, our Product Configurator delivers unparalleled performance and compatibility, extremely easy to use and understand for your customers. It integrates into your website in a few simple steps.

How does Planner 5D Product Configurator help your business?

Let your customers do the job

Your customers will customize your product to their needs using a visual configuration tool on your web page. Configurator ranges from simple color and material selection for furniture and household goods to complex equipment configurations based on multiple rules and restrictions of your manufacturing facility.

Product Configurator saves time for your sales team and gives your customers the ability to make a perfect choice.

Integrate with your sales pipeline

Planner 5D Product Configurator can automatically calculate the price of a customized product and seamlessly integrate it with your shopping cart to finish the online order.

Want to show your product in the interior?
Look no further - Planner 5D got you covered.

You can use our service in many industries

Office furniture configuration

Kitchen configuration

Wardrobe configuration

Medical storage system

Planner 5D Product Configurator can apply to many industries. Talk to our sales team today!

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Product Configurator Features

Worry-free approach

Our sales and engineering team study your needs and lead you from the project start to the end of the integration process.

Product modeling

Our 3D designers will adapt your existing 3D models or create a new one for your product line.

Easy integration

Product configurator and interior editor are easy to customize and embed into your existing website or landing page.

White label

We'll make the configurator look like an integral part of your website, supporting your branding needs.

Complex logic support

We can customize our solution to support any logic you need, multiple configurations and non-standard price/materials calculation.

Shopping cart and ERP integration

Product Configurator integrates with your online shopping cart and ERP system, sending selected specifications where your sales team can find them.

Make your products stand
out today!

Let our sales team get you a free demo of the Planner 5D Product Configurator solution and explain how it will benefit your sales and product presentation.

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