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Apartamento pequeno

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Ofi Lee
This is really nice! How do you publish renders?
2020-10-28 18:37:07
Bruna Queiroz
You have to purchase the rendering package, it has draft mode and HD. The draft mode it has the inferior quality of HD and you cannot publish it in the gallery, the HD you bought a quantity and then it ends and you have to buy more. I hope I managed to explain it to you, I don't know English so I used the Google translator, but if you have any more questions you can send me a message on Instagram @__brunaq
2020-10-28 22:27:19
Ofi Lee
Ok, thanks!
2020-10-29 18:56:33
Ofi Lee
Hi Bruna! I was just wondering if you could make me a house. I would like to have a big, 2 story, house with a master bedroom, 5 more bedrooms (at least 6 bedrooms in total), I want 1 of the bedrooms on the first floor, but not the master bedroom, a big kitchen, 2 dining rooms, at least 5 bathrooms, at least 3 living rooms, a pool, music room (with a black baby grand piano), multi purpose room, a 3 car garage, and a backyard. I want the house to have a contemporary style, white, black, and gray theme (mostly white though). It's ok if you can't, thanks, hope you have a wonderful day! By the way, I want to have 5 kids and I want to plan out my house, so that's one of the reasons why I'm asking you for this, I love the way you design! If the house that you make has all the things I asked for, I will use it for my real house! Bye!
2020-10-31 18:58:37
Bruna Queiroz
Hi, I would like to help, but I don't think I will be able to because I go to college and I have a lot of tests but on holidays I can try.
2020-11-03 12:42:28
Ofi Lee
Thank you so much! Sure, I can wait for holidays! Hope you do great in college!
2020-11-03 18:21:42