Small house in the countryside 83407 by Elena Z image

Acerca de este proyecto

An eco-friendly small house in the countryside, with a patio and an herbs garden

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Elena Z
Thank you!
2020-11-28 09:29:59
I love this mini house, I want to live here , it shows all your work having filled the closet with different colors, the fences, and all those details. Is incredible.
2020-11-28 15:16:00
Omg! are those solar panels hahahaa? Awesome house and the bathroom is really cool!
2020-12-05 19:31:31
Elena Z
Thank you Laura and Erickson. Actually I think it would be great to have solar panels in the menu
2020-12-05 21:52:31
I love your project. A house with solar panels.
2020-12-11 03:03:11
Elena Z
Thank you!
2020-12-15 21:25:19
do you mind if you could check out my design battle and vote?
2021-05-05 03:33:16