1st floor 3 by Konstantin  Ketko image

Acerca de este proyecto

Проект первого этажа загородного дома.

Comentarios (11)
Alexey Sheremetyev
Интересно взглянуть на второй
2012-11-08 13:13:06
Konstantin Ketko
Мне тоже
2012-11-08 13:14:30
Sergey Nosyrev
а в чем проблема его нарисовать?
2012-11-12 11:04:53
Bathroom must be near the bedroom!
2012-11-13 13:06:17
Sergey Nosyrev
2012-11-14 10:20:16
OK i really like this house accept three things 1.) I don't like how the bedroom is only accessible through the formal living room/office. It makes it feel closed off. 2.) The bathroom does need to be closer to the bedroom, or the bedroom needs its own bathroom. 3.) The whole dining room/kitchen is kind of off. I think it is odd that the only way to access the kitchen is through the dining room. You should make it more open, or you should switch the kitchen and dining room. Other than that this house is really awesome!!!
2012-12-23 02:46:49
No name
2013-01-23 18:14:01
Soph Coombs
2013-05-10 15:18:06
матерь божья, это только первый?
2013-11-07 00:15:36
basically you said it mostly was bad
2013-11-15 20:50:34
Marta Cullen
2013-12-22 17:38:53