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User 12006058

2021-02-15 19:02:54

This is great one thing to add in the future is to add more decorations make it look like what your house would look like in a different style. Different colors spread out would make it unique also plants are really good to add they make it look, touchy and real. also it is great to add light so will shine on the furniture/floor, and make it stand out so when people are looking and voting they will notice the differences.(Also If you think Im being rude, Im not, just giving you some tips on what you can do in the future.)

2021-02-15 19:06:01

on thing is to make other item different colors so it looks different and more realistic, like the painting should change.

2021-02-15 19:08:10


2021-02-15 19:08:33
Stranger Things Lover

ok, thanks for the advice, and I dont think you are being rude. :)

2021-02-15 19:14:51
User 12006058

2021-02-15 19:28:38
Stranger Things Lover

oh....ok that is fine next time I will try to do more colors..

2021-02-15 19:30:38

thxx for your coment . anyway love it ,Yep you are right my wallpaper is so odd hehe.

2021-02-16 00:14:47

Good job! I do agree with the limited furniture and colors, but I do love it!

2021-02-16 02:22:48
Stranger Things Lover


2021-02-16 11:24:50
Stranger Things Lover

maybe next time I will add more colours.

2021-02-16 11:39:02

very good but i don't like the colour you used but is a personal opinion

2021-02-16 11:58:28
Stranger Things Lover

ok, thanks

2021-02-16 12:00:24
Stranger Things Lover

I like to do a one color theme sometimes

2021-02-16 13:07:01

adoro il tuo stile!!!hai ottimo gusto per la sistemazione dei mobili e per i colori!!!le persone come te rivoluzioneranno l'architettura

2021-02-16 13:55:48

wow this is like an modern Chinese New Year! Nice!

2021-02-16 13:58:46
User 16004304

2021-02-16 15:12:55
Melanie Cyfko

Good job! I really like how you formatted it.

2021-02-16 15:14:41
User 20181456

2021-02-16 15:23:43
Hall Pat

Hola! Muchas gracias por tu comentario y lamento la respuesta tardía. Tu proyecto es bonito y moderno, contrario a la opinión de los demás me parece que ese esquema blanco/rojo es muy refrescante. Por su parte el blanco me provee una sensación de limpieza y a mi percepción hace que la habitación parezca más grande, mientras que el color rojo cumple con su función de resaltar, lo que si sucede es que seguramente habría agregado más decoraciónes con respecto al tema, para que las paredes lucieran un poco más. Claro que solo es una sugerencia sin intención de ofenderte :)

2021-02-16 15:29:11
Stranger Things Lover

thanks you are all so nice!!!!

2021-02-16 15:36:05
Stranger Things Lover

Hello hall pat, Thank you for your reply and you are not offending me because I agree with you and I also love your design it is very pretty and I will defonatly vote for you when voting time comes.

2021-02-16 15:40:49
Stranger Things Lover

Thank You Hall Pat, Ice Cream, Melanie Cyfko, Baraa, Annabella Grace Lara, Kiki, VEz, Its_the_OG_designer, Miracale Doggy and AlphaMoon pup of the Moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2021-02-16 15:46:38
Stranger Things Lover

Hello hall pat, Thank you for your reply and you are not offending me because I agree with you and I also love your design it is very pretty and I will defonatly vote for you when voting time comes.

2021-02-16 15:57:54
Stranger Things Lover

Sorry, I sent that comment twise...

2021-02-16 15:59:26
Suzi Bobek

thx for ur comment on my project i like ur too

2021-02-16 20:07:46
Daniel Jorgensen

its nice but you probably should have done a wallpaper

2021-02-16 20:15:55

I like it! A little empty but good. Please check out mine

2021-02-16 20:30:27
Stranger Things Lover

thank you!!!!!

2021-02-16 21:03:28
Huzaifah Al-Quraishi

Hi, you have followed the instruction. the colors you chose are amazing! Its so cool. I invite you to my project on page 110. I Am bit late.

2021-02-16 23:53:37
Stranger Things Lover

Thank you everyone, and Huzaifah Shaikh I have checked out your design and it is beatiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

2021-02-17 14:12:09
Stranger Things Lover

keki, I will check out your design now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2021-02-17 14:13:13

Love the modern vibe this room has. the white complement the red very nicely. the only thing in this room that could make it better is maybe another wall collor. something light that breaks the wite room but stil complement it at the same time

2021-02-17 20:27:48
dynamic designer

I know you could of used more colours

2021-02-18 11:15:38
dynamic designer

I have found out that you have said the exact same thing to me and my friend design gal

2021-02-19 09:03:27
User 20244259

i love all the colours you chose and like the idea of a 1 colour theme, looking good!!!! maybe just add a picture or something because you have a blank wall but i love it. pls see mine on p.195

2021-02-19 11:04:04
Bob Ross

Nice!!! Check mine by clicking on my name.

2021-02-19 20:19:23
Potato chip

Thank you for your comment. Your room looks good. I like the red and white.

2021-02-19 20:55:25

wow i love it !!!!

2021-02-20 08:18:26

and thanks for ccomment

2021-02-20 08:18:39
Stranger Things Lover

thank you so much

2021-02-21 12:26:14