Sarah K.

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Sarah K.

Pls vote and comment!

2020-06-22 07:42:03
Hall Pat

Es muy agradable en si todo el ambiente, pero pudo ser más obscuro. De cualquier forma buen trabajo! Por cierto, agradecería que visitaras mi proyecto y lo comentarás o colocaras una sugerencia ;)

2020-06-22 13:50:59

this is great! pls vote 4 me

2020-06-22 14:21:42

i also love all the colors! :)

2020-06-22 14:21:55
Sarah K.

Thank u, I will vote 4 u!!!

2020-06-22 14:36:26
Sarah K.

I would like a clear opinion and comment from someone, is my Kitchen dark??? What could I do to improve it for next time???

2020-06-22 14:40:11
Interior Designsss


2020-06-22 16:05:41
Sarah K.


2020-06-22 17:22:53
Interior Designsss

You're welcome! I think that maybe next time you should match a few colors together, so that it will look neat and nice, and your kitchen is kind of dark, except for the actual kitchen, so maybe next time you can change the colors!

2020-06-22 17:43:25
Interior Designsss

The blue design in the kitchen on the walls is nice!

2020-06-22 17:44:04

Hi! I really like your project! Please check out my kitchen and leave a comment!

2020-06-22 20:48:13

it is nice i will be voting for you! Check mine out.

2020-06-22 20:53:46
Sarah K.

I will

2020-06-23 04:20:51
Sarah K.

Thank you interior Designss for your suggestions i really appreciated!!!

2020-06-23 04:21:42

Hello! cool kitchen! I will vote for you if you vote for me

2020-06-23 05:47:26
User 9755913

Hello!! I really like your kitchen !!! I will definitely vote for you!

2020-06-23 06:11:53
User 9755913

Vote for me please!

2020-06-23 06:12:12
Sarah K.

I will vote for you

2020-06-23 11:56:54

wow! its so good! i will definitely vote for u when voting starts, please vote for me!

2020-06-23 15:33:42
Sarah K.

Thank u i will vote 4 u too

2020-06-23 15:58:44

Hi Sarah! Your layout is great. But I would suggest that to make the room look darker, you could have used a dark kitchen set or a deeper blue on the walls!! Just feedback, hope it helps!!

2020-06-23 16:21:37
Jamila Saeed


2020-06-23 17:16:23
Sarah K.

Thank you Aisha for your feedback it was a lot of help! And I will vote 4 u guys when the voting starts!!!

2020-06-23 17:34:36

i love it so cool ill vote pls vote and comment 4 me

2020-06-24 17:05:29
Sarah K.

thank you

2020-06-24 19:55:17
Hall Pat

Vote por ti por favor vota por mi! :) Aquí el render de mi habitación.

2020-06-26 02:15:14

Hi! I voted for you, I hope you'll vote for me!

2020-06-26 08:44:47

Hi! I will vote for you if you vote for me check out my design in this link and comment you link..thank you

2020-06-26 10:08:19

its rly good! i like it! i voted for u, i would appreciate it if u would vote for me!

2020-06-26 11:59:05
User 10840096

2020-06-26 13:28:44
Sarah K.


2020-06-26 14:57:44

A vote, as promised!

2020-06-26 15:26:39
Sarah K.

Thank you very much!

2020-06-26 15:28:50
Sarah K.

anyone that votes 4 me will also get a vote and a comment!!!

2020-06-27 06:42:24

Hi, I love your dark kitchen. You chose a great kitchen set and you placed everything in the perfect spot. I love the texture on the table and the wallpaper was great. I just voted for you. You are really talented and I hope that you can vote for me please? Please vote for me. Here is my link And here is the link to my renders Thanks again. Also Leave a comment so I know you voted for me. - Owen

2020-06-27 11:14:09
Sarah K.


2020-06-27 11:53:42
Rafaela Kalil

I voted 4 u

2020-06-27 12:40:01
Sarah K.


2020-06-27 12:49:25

I voted for you

2020-06-27 13:13:49
Sarah K.


2020-06-27 13:14:53
Sarah K.

thank u very much ana!

2020-06-27 13:16:17

2020-06-27 13:18:02
Sarah K.

Ana vc fez o seu negósio?

2020-06-27 13:21:17

Tô começado hehe

2020-06-27 13:22:34
Sarah K.


2020-06-27 13:23:22

Monkey was here

2020-06-27 13:33:18
Sarah K.

thank u manasi!

2020-06-27 13:33:40
Eliot Francisco Dominguez

TINES MUCHO TALENTO, TU PROYECTO ES ASOMBROSO MUY BIEN DISTRIBUIDO, TODO SE ACOPLA PERFECTAMENTE, TE MERECES MI LIKE,... apoyemonos juntos, dejame tu sugerencia en los comentarios. Aqui esta el render de mi proyecto,

2020-06-27 21:33:32
Sarah K.

If you vote 4 me i will vote 4 u!!!

2020-06-28 09:30:04

Hi I voted you pls get me too the top 5 PLS!! :)

2020-06-28 13:45:23
Sarah K.

Ok I will

2020-06-28 13:46:15