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omg! I just realized I forgot to leave the walls white.. ;-; plz dont take that into account when voting... ;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;

2020-06-17 21:24:42

like the turquoise tepe Grat color choice

2020-06-17 21:47:21

Yous is one my favorites in this contest

2020-06-17 21:47:54

sorry i am really bad at spelling

2020-06-17 21:48:12

thank you!

2020-06-17 21:48:13

Your room layout is great and I also love your choice of furniture!! Thnx for your comment on my project!!

2020-06-17 23:33:15
User 10840096

2020-06-18 00:11:16
Flame X Rose

I LOVE ITTT.... i love the color... and i really love the colorful pillow..... i will definitely vote for you. Please look at my project in page 15 and if you like it pls vote for me :)

2020-06-18 02:45:32
Hall Pat

Los cojines son divertidos y la paredes lindas. Buen trabajo.

2020-06-18 03:35:50

wow! i love it! its really good and all the colours match i would love to have such a bedroom! im definitely voting for u pls vote 4 me

2020-06-18 10:21:12

wow!i love it! the colours make it feel so cozy... i will vote for u, pls vote for me

2020-06-18 12:17:35

beautiful room!!!

2020-06-18 12:40:36
Gracie Kent

You have a beautiful room! Please come check out mine here and leave a comment!

2020-06-18 14:57:39
Flame X Rose

Hi, i’ve just voted for you :)

2020-06-19 04:24:16
modern house designer

I liked yours, can you go like mine. comment if u did, if you don't like mine i can always unlike yours!

2020-06-19 16:25:21

I loved your project, very beautiful. Like. Take a look at my project too. Page 16

2020-06-19 18:07:40
User 10840096

2020-06-20 19:18:54
Hall Pat

Ya vote por ti. (Aproposito) te agradecería que visitarlas mi proyecto y votarás por el si te gusta o dejaras un comentario y/o sugerencia ;)

2020-06-21 14:21:47