Milica G.

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Interesting take on the layout. But overall I like it!

2020-11-23 16:41:27
Hall Pat

Que bonito diseño *.* Cómo siempre sorprendiéndome con su estilo e ideas diferentes, realmente me impreciono como hizo que el espacio se viera tan grande, además de que logro introducir dos áreas para comer, bastante almacenamiento y demás sin que se sintiera sofocante. Su habilidad es impresionante. :O

2020-11-23 17:19:40
Milica G.

Thanks a lot to both of you for your feedbacks @Sarina M. and @Hall Patt!

2020-11-23 18:21:54

This is absolutely stunning! I will definitely vote for you. I love the colors you chose, yellow is such a beautiful color for interior design! 5/5 for me !

2020-11-23 19:50:50
Milica G.

Thanks a lot @Marusya :)! Looking forward to see your project and give back the feedback!

2020-11-23 19:58:36

Gran trabajo Milica! Parece mucho más grande! Al poner la cocina en una habitación aparte ha quedado estupenda! Felicidades, un diseño arriesgado y muy original. ;)

2020-11-24 15:50:58

Hi Milica G. ! Thank you for your comment on my project ! :) I really like the color combinaton. It's a great idea to have the living room and bedroom in one space. You separated the bedroom very imaginatively. :)

2020-11-24 15:55:37

Hi, thanks for your comment. I love your project,the colors are wonderful, and the layout is very practical. The bedroom separated from the living room is great as well as the kitchen!

2020-11-24 18:14:56
Milica G.

Thanks a lot to all three of you, @Remadi, @Gabes and @Rita :)!!

2020-11-24 21:04:35

Hi Milica, This is amazing. I loved the colors and everything is so perfect. The bathroom is awesome. The living room and bedroom nice and the kitchen room is fab :) I loved it !!!! You can also check mine on pg.8 if you'd like to :)

2020-11-25 02:58:16
Milica G.

Thanks a lot @Mehaanshi!

2020-11-25 10:36:00

This is amazing!

2020-11-25 18:58:05
Milica G.

Happy that you like it :) @Phoenix!

2020-11-25 20:47:29

Interesting redevelopment! I liked the textures and color combination. Convenience and comfort in General. Well done!)))

2020-11-26 10:39:33
Milica G.

Hi Olga :), thanks a lot for your comment :)!

2020-11-26 14:24:38
User 12006058

2020-11-27 01:06:31
Hall Pat

Votado sin compromiso :)

2020-11-27 04:02:15
Rizki Agustin


2020-11-27 06:28:48

Voted for you Milica. My project in os pg. 21

2020-11-27 07:01:26

Голосую !)))

2020-11-27 09:05:47

Voted! :)

2020-11-27 09:32:18
Milica G.

Thanks a lot for the votes, to all of you :)!

2020-11-27 09:40:16

Voted :)

2020-11-27 09:58:54
Milica G.

Thank you @Mehaanshi!

2020-11-27 12:41:54

Wow! This is truly amazing! If this was real I would have loved a stay! :-D

2020-11-27 12:43:02


2020-11-27 12:43:22
Milica G.

Thanks a lot @Aarksdesigns :)! If this would real I would invite you for a cup of coffee :))!

2020-11-27 17:29:48
Milica G.

Thanks a lot @Devendra :)!

2020-11-27 17:37:02
Huzaifah Al-Quraishi

Hi, I love the style and the layout of your House, it looks very practical and of course very eye catching and elegant! So smart! You used such nice colors that will attract people to this project! I voted for you! Please vote for me on page 1. Thanks

2020-11-28 04:26:11
Milica G.

Thanks a lot for your feedback @Huzaifah :)!

2020-11-28 10:08:56

This looks supreme! I love it! The colours are the best! I love how you made a divider for the bedroom. It was very cool on how you put the kitchen in one of the rooms! Voted! I you want to check my project it is on page 1!

2020-11-29 13:13:14
Milica G.

Thanks a lot @Nikolas!

2020-11-29 14:17:23

Sorry for being so late, I voted!

2020-11-29 17:59:25
Milica G.

Hi Rita, no need to apologise :), but thanks for voting!

2020-11-29 19:27:57