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Isaac Schultze

I like your its not as cluttered as monica's which I really like! Check mine by clicking on my name and then clicking on this project, I didn't know that we were modeling it after a T.V. show so I just did my own style. Leave a comment so I can improve my skills.

2020-10-12 18:41:32
Isaac Schultze

You can check the rest of my projects out too that one was my first one and I didn't know how to do hardly anything ;)

2020-10-13 16:33:33
Isaac Schultze

Thank you for all your comments!!!

2020-10-14 15:31:23

I like it... But it doesn't look like Monica's apartment which is okay but I voted for you still so for me if you like I'm not pushing or anything

2020-10-18 00:21:36