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Please don't miss this. thank you!

2020-09-30 10:35:49

Hi Ludiko. Thank you for your kind comments on my design. *** I see that this is the only design battle project in your list. If this is your first one then you have come in at a high standard. Your colour scheme is warm and inviting, not to mention fitting the brief perfectly. Your layout is both functional and neat and I like how you have used the furniture. Well done and you definitely have my vote :-)

2020-09-30 11:21:37

thank you D14. you have a job well done too. thank you for your compliments :)

2020-09-30 13:34:23
maasrah khan

hi thnku for cmmnting on my prjct when I saw ur prjct I think it's much far better than mine u organized everything very nicely mine is totally nothing in front of urs prjct u did ur best keep going on dear:]

2020-09-30 17:08:40
User 14433456

2020-09-30 18:18:24
Hall Pat

Hello, thanks for your comment, I'm sorry if this is not well written but English is not my language xD so use the translator according to your request. First of all I must say that your project is really beautiful and pleasant, you have a pleasant and complete distribution, you had a good use of the golden color without falling into excess, the part that called me the most was the luve beautiful dresser with the lamps and others that you selected. Congratulations on your good work.

2020-09-30 18:29:12

thank you maasrah khan! just keep on learning and improving. you have a job well done too.

2020-09-30 23:59:21

@oliviaxjade17 thank you... see you on next challenge.

2020-10-01 00:00:03

Hello pat hall! thank you for a very nice compliment. I have next some of your designs and you are pretty good of an artist. I salute you!

2020-10-01 00:01:30
Hall Pat

Hello again, regarding your question, I do not think that one thing has to do with the other and the truth is that I do not think that some are more famous than others, it does not matter much the number of likes, but rather the effort you put into your projects and nourish yourself with suggestions and opinions. The rest comes by itself, I will not say that winning is not exciting, but accepting advice is very nutritious :) Although of course that is just my opinion. I hope I have understood your question well and have given you a useful answer. You know from now on I will keep abreast of your projects, I think you have a good future and I would like to see how you continue to grow. Please, if at any time you publish something or continue to compete, do not hesitate to tell me. Sorry if something is not well written xD

2020-10-01 02:02:36
Born to be Wild

Hi, thanks for your comments. I love the gold highlights throughout your design. The bathroom is also beautiful with the gold tints.

2020-10-01 07:06:48

Hi ludiko. Im falling inlove with your design

2020-10-01 09:46:42

Job well done!

2020-10-01 09:46:52
Mr. Time

i like you amazing design you will definitely have my vote.

2020-10-01 10:00:05
Mr. Time

good job!

2020-10-01 10:00:18

Goodmorning Ludiko and many thanks for your review. There is one question you asked I didn't quite understand. "do you think artist plus fame will you need to win this contest?" If your are asking if popularity can help you to win the contest, I don't know. It could be an helping factor but eventually is the desing itself that will give you the final victory. Afterall this is a design contest. I like your project, very much. It is a simple but very elegant desing. I love the soft palette of colors used for the bedroom and I love the golden details in the bathroom. That room looks very luxurious and yet very cozy. I like it and I think that you have a lot of potential. Very well done indeed.

2020-10-01 11:18:10

Good job, i really like your bathroom!,

2020-10-01 11:51:33

wow its so good! i love the gold and white! the interior is so cozy and pleasant i will vote for u dont forget to vote for me on page 42

2020-10-01 12:36:54
Asher Scott

I love the way that you used the gold as an accent color. Very good job. Also thank you for the nice comments on mine.

2020-10-01 13:54:41
Julio Medrano

Ludiko thank you for commenting on my design. Very good job that you did. I like the shade of gold you used. Very good distribution of furniture and decorations. The most what I criticize is the placement of them, that are not floating, very close to the wall or crossing another solid object so that the designs look as realistic as possible when viewing them in 3D. You left the chandeliers up a bit, part of their design was hidden in the false ceiling, the style of them is like that and they are used in places with a higher false ceiling or where it is not passable as you did on the dresser, too you left a floating book, curtains is panner design problem. You have my vote guaranteed for the good work done. Greetings!

2020-10-01 13:59:33
User 11772162

2020-10-01 14:34:19
Fabiola Cortez

You're desing it's so cool I know you will win this

2020-10-01 15:00:36
Saulė Kardašaitė

Well done! Your design perfectly represents the given theme! I will definitely vote for your lovely work!

2020-10-01 15:11:27
печенье выпечка

hi thank you for your comment on my design i like your design it is so beautiful and pleasant

2020-10-01 18:39:16

thank you @julio, @ teacuppup2020 for your advices.

2020-10-01 22:56:47


2020-10-01 23:11:51


2020-10-01 23:12:06
Hall Pat

Tienes mi voto (sin compromiso claramente).

2020-10-02 03:25:03
Saulė Kardašaitė


2020-10-02 06:56:27
lore dela torre

Lovely design. this is the best I have seen in this contest. I hope you will win.

2020-10-02 09:06:58
lore dela torre


2020-10-02 09:07:12

I love your design so amazing and elegant. Great Job!

2020-10-02 09:18:19
Art lover

Hey Ludiko!! Thanks for your comment on my project! I really apreciate it! and also the vote!! Your project is trully fantastic aswell, with a strong use of the color theme, gold and white. It looks very elegant and not overdone, I also really like how you changed the lights on the ceiling to gold, and also the design on the linen! I have voted for yours, good luck!!

2020-10-02 09:47:06

OK , this amazing , your room is sleek and elegant , it is vibrant and really meets the white and gold theme . Love it . Voted!

2020-10-02 09:50:09

Hi Ludiko! I voted for you. Good luck!

2020-10-02 11:00:39

wow this is amazing! i love it! i voted for u, thx for voting for me!

2020-10-02 12:23:34
erika 26

Hola!!! Gracias por tu comentario!!! Me encantó tu proyecto!!! Muy bien diseñado el área del tocador!!! Tenes mi voto!

2020-10-02 14:07:37


2020-10-02 14:53:57

Nice design. Has gold but you kept it light feeling.

2020-10-02 16:59:58
Born to be Wild

Voted for you.

2020-10-02 17:06:43
Julio Medrano

He votado.

2020-10-02 19:12:32

This is the best I've ever seen. I truly admire you. You did a very great job! It's very awesomeee. I truly love it. I think I'm falling in love with your design more and more the longer I stare at it. Such an elegant arwork! @ludiko you're the best :)))

2020-10-03 11:45:13

thank you @ALVIN.

2020-10-03 12:05:47

thank you for your inspiring comment

2020-10-03 12:06:04

hi! thank you for your comment. I really like our design. its look great. i like the colour you pick. voted!.

2020-10-04 08:35:21


2020-10-04 18:45:12

wow cool house i give it a 100/100 its that good

2020-10-09 17:01:25