Milica G.

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Hall Pat

Me encanta la sala, es un proyecto muy completo, lo único que no me agrada tanto es el suelo pero solo es por gusto personal, has echo un gran diseño.

2020-09-21 13:36:15

Woo! Fantastic combination of the bricks, red-black tiles and red-white furniture/ decor!

2020-09-21 13:40:44
Milica G.

@Hall Pat, thanks for the comment and for the feed back, I'll think about it! @Yeqoan, I'm happy that you find it attractive :)!

2020-09-21 16:25:43

Wonderful design. The kitchen works, which was the hardest part. The mirror wall works as well. reflected light against all the brick, nice.

2020-09-21 17:46:41
Milica G.

Yep, I wanted mirrors in a sleeping room to reflect a little bit of sunlight from the outside, since it has no windows, thanks for noticing :)!

2020-09-21 17:50:34

Like your colour decisions, they work well. Especially I like the entrance zone

2020-09-21 18:19:29

Hello Milica Grkinić! Thank you so much for your lovely comment earlier! My initial reaction to your project was "Oh my god... I love this!" It's so bold and free and fun and playful! There are so many places it reminds me of, but it's totally unique at the same time. To me it feels very punk rock, maybe even a little skater punk, or art punk with all the red and black and white and the stars(my favorites are on the wall in the living room), which coincidentally remind me of my cherished old Converse Chuck Taylors I used to wear back when I used to skate to high school. Amazing job! I'll totally be back to vote once that starts. Okay, take care, baiee! ( ^-^)っ

2020-09-22 06:47:19
Milica G.

Wow, thanks a lot for a very detailed feedback and impressions. I was, recently, writing on my blog about refreshing old floors with a paint and checker filed was the most used motif..Actually, the floor imposed everthing else here and I put it because I was not sure if classic parquett goes well with kitchen. So, it is a bit too much maybe for most of the people, but I simply had to try it that way :).

2020-09-22 07:35:39

Gran diseño! la cocina en blanco y los detalles rojos me encantan!!

2020-09-22 11:04:13
Milica G.

Thanks a lot @Remadi!

2020-09-22 12:15:49
User 12006058

2020-09-22 14:29:22
Elena Z

Hi Milica, thanks a lot for your comment!

2020-09-22 20:14:40
Elena Z

I like your project, the colour combination is really good and give a very strong impression, you were successful in using a strong red and making it elegant in combination with the grey and black. The floor tiles are unusual but they recall the main colours in a softer way. I would just have used a different kind for the bathroom, but this is just a small detail. Congratulations!

2020-09-22 20:18:31
Milica G.

Thanks a lot @Elena Z, I apreciate your feedback. As far as I can remember the floor in bathroom was an integral part of a the main apartment floor, I could have only choose another one for the shower cabin. However, I do agree that this pattern is maybe too bussy and optically chalenging, but somehow, something made me choose right that one floor :).

2020-09-22 20:38:04
Rainfall Sienna

I like your room a lot, it has a sort of "Queen of Hearts" vibe to me with the checkered floor and the elegant furniture. You used the space really well, adding lots of details without making it too crowded. I like your picture wall especially, it really ties the room together. Also, thank you for your comment on my room, it was really appreciated.

2020-09-22 21:59:35
Aarna Gupta

Wow, yours is so modern and nice, it is also colorful.pls, leave a comment and vote for me ON PAGE 5!

2020-09-23 02:59:36
Milica G.

@Rainfall Sienna, thanks for your comment and feedback. @Aarna Gupta, thanks for your comment, too. I have checked your project and left the comment myself.

2020-09-23 10:33:37

Hello Milica Grkinić. I saw your comment, thank you so much! :) Your design is super cool! :) The red and black looks awesome! :)

2020-09-23 18:12:30
Milica G.

Thanks a lot to you too @Anon :)!

2020-09-23 21:10:19
Izzy Moonlight ☾

That kitchen is AWESOME!

2020-09-24 19:18:23
Hall Pat

Votado :)

2020-09-25 01:05:28
Milica G.

Thank you @Izzy Moonlight! Thanks a lot @Hall Pat!

2020-09-25 05:31:22


2020-09-25 09:48:01

like your layout

2020-09-25 09:48:53
Milica G.

Thanks @ANDREW D :)!

2020-09-25 13:37:21
Elena Z


2020-09-25 18:17:13
Milica G.

Thanks a lot @Elena Z!

2020-09-26 06:40:07
Huzaifah Al-Quraishi

hi . i really love your project. fantastic! i love the way you arranged the sofa and everything. i already voted for your project. please vote for me on page 1. thanks!

2020-09-26 20:46:47
Milica G.

Thanks a lot @Huzaifah shaikh!

2020-09-27 05:35:57

Your design is so colourful and almost playful. So refreshing. I really do like it so I have voted. Thank you for your kind comments on mine

2020-09-27 19:42:52
Milica G.

Thanks for your comment and vote @Anony-mouse!

2020-09-28 05:46:58