Habitación en el Ático

Diseñe una cocina y una sala de estar en el Ático.

Stranger Things Lover

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Stranger Things Lover

Hi everyone, this is my design and btw I am on page 46!!! Good luck to you all and have a lovely day!!!! also happy late easter!!!

2021-04-05 11:03:43

Hi first of all thanks for the lovely comment on mine! I love how clean and fresh your design feels! The colours are so nice and it feels relaxing and also a great space to play games with friends and family! I love the island by the kitchen as that doubles up for storage and a space to eat! Overall an amazing job and best of luck!

2021-04-05 11:22:39

This is an amazing design and it’s definitely in one of the top ten that I have seen. But maybe make a bright accent next time? Good job and thanks for the feedback

2021-04-05 14:11:55

Hi, Stranger Things Lover You have a very beautiful design this week! I really like the kitchen colors there very simple and cozy . also, I love the living room area with all the pillows. it`s very nice. good luck and please check out mine on page 11.

2021-04-05 14:33:51
Born to be Wild

Hey Stranger Things Lover, thanks for your comments. I love the overall layout and the subtle grey theme used, which looks calming and cosy. Only one thing I might have added is a few more pops of colors :-)

2021-04-05 16:04:48

Hey Stranger Things Lover, I luv ur design. all the different shades of grey fit perfectly in this space. good luck on voting day. please can u check out my dessine. (I am on page 85 by the way.)

2021-04-05 16:19:25

Wow! Nice job. This is very..... well it looks like a penthouse. I love the colors as well. Please see mine!

2021-04-05 17:12:49
Stranger Things Lover

Thank you so much!!!!!

2021-04-05 18:13:50
User 20244259

hi, i love the monchrome scheme! I love thekitchen area, the shelving along the wall and the 3 pictures! well done and good luck. please see mine.

2021-04-05 18:39:19
Hall Pat

Que relajante lugar! Un trabajo muy bonito sin necesidad de estar sobrecargado. Me gusta mucho como baja las escala del color en las baldas en la pared un detalle muy interesante :) Muchas gracias por tu comentario lo aprecio mucho.

2021-04-05 20:15:17
Grade 5 DALDE, Marcus Jimrod B. 丁强士

This is very nice! I like the colors and the dining room is perfect for many people =)

2021-04-06 02:04:27

Very beautiful and I love where the sofa and kitchen is placed! I went onto your account and you only do design battles but I think you should design some houses because you have talent!

2021-04-06 07:09:36
Stranger Things Lover

thank you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2021-04-06 09:25:27
Stranger Things Lover

Also Annabella Grace Lara, I don't know how to do Published Reders and Published Projects.... But thanks for saying I have talent!!

2021-04-06 09:29:13