¡Día de los Inocentes!

¡Diseña una locura de sala de estar!

Stranger Things Lover

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Stranger Things Lover

I am on page 197 by the way :D !!!

2021-03-30 11:55:41
User 22173125

2021-03-30 12:20:35
Stranger Things Lover


2021-03-30 12:25:30
Born to be Wild

Hey Stranger Things Lover, thanks a ton for your comments! I love the green walls looks quirky and great :-) the bright pictures also brings in the craziness aspect! Great design!

2021-03-30 12:58:33
Stranger Things Lover

Thank you so much, btw I loved both of ur design's so much!!!

2021-03-30 13:05:32
User 21828375

2021-03-30 13:39:02
Stranger Things Lover

thanks, good luck to you as well!!!

2021-03-30 13:51:16

Thanks so much for the comment on my project! I really love the colours of the wall as it works really well! I love all of the decor and my favourite part is the swing with the book shelf! Good luck on voting day! :-)

2021-03-30 14:59:40
User 16603437

2021-03-30 15:28:06

Hi, thanks for your comment. This design is really cute! I love the green and the layout. I'm not a pig fan of the clock being in this design because it looks kinda weird, but really nice job!

2021-03-30 16:29:40
User 20244259

nice quirky design.I love that green, the bookshelf with all the books and the fun artwork. looks really great so well done. Good luck and please see mine.

2021-03-30 17:11:20
Hall Pat

Que bonito esquema de colores, me gusta mucho como va en el diseño :D

2021-03-30 18:11:41

Wowowowow this is my fav one so far amazing job! The colors are soo cute too! Please check out mine and have a nice day

2021-03-31 16:43:14
Stranger Things Lover

thank you so much!!!!!!!!!

2021-03-31 18:22:56
Stranger Things Lover

you are all very nice!!!

2021-04-01 11:40:29