¡Interior estilo «loft»!

Diseña la cocina y la sala de estar al estilo «loft».

Stranger Things Lover

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eggs and bacon

i really like the colors you used i also like the way to put everything in the room. Good Job! Pls go comment on mine!!

2021-03-26 20:32:32
Stranger Things Lover

ok, thanks!!!!

2021-03-27 11:27:32
User 22173125

2021-03-27 13:55:58
User 21828375

2021-03-27 15:48:20
User 6292819

2021-03-27 19:25:41

Hi, thanks for your comment. I really like your design. The ceiling lamps are a unique touch to this design. I don’t like the couch loft thing though.

2021-03-27 21:57:25
Born to be Wild

Hi, thanks for your comments! I like your design, the green walls and furniture layout go very well! All the best!

2021-03-28 06:23:07

hi, thx for the comment. I love ur designs and the fact the color r so dark and all complement each other. the floating sofer is so call I luv it.

2021-03-29 19:09:41
Stranger Things Lover

Thank you so much!!!!!!!

2021-03-30 08:49:42