Milica G.

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very well. in the dining area, however, there is not enough space for 6 people

2020-08-05 08:36:29
Milica G.

Thank you. Actually there is no specific dining area in my concept. It is noncoventional office as I pointed out, you can sit and dine anywhere, if there is a free space.

2020-08-05 08:52:32
Elena Z

Hi, first of all thanks a lot for your comment! I really like the layout of your office, it is really something you do not see everyday, especially the conference room. It looks really a place where people can really share ideas, and not just listening to their boss talking... Good luck with the contest!

2020-08-05 19:50:53
Milica G.

Thanks a lot Elena Z, now that I have a late look at my project it's kind of looking too simple and plain . But I'm still learning. From people like you :). Good like to you, too :)!

2020-08-05 21:30:13

Hello Milica Grkinić. I saw your comment, thank you so much! :) I really like your design! It's got a lot of storage, and still space to work. Nice! :) It seems like a comfortable office to work at :)

2020-08-05 22:57:09
Milica G.

Thanks a lot Anon, happy to hear that you like it :)! I wish you ,too, a good luck with your great project!

2020-08-06 04:27:29

Hi! It's always great to see a space that have fresh and light colors because it affects positively the mood of the employees. And in a real setting like this, storage is vital for all the paperwork. Great job! You can vote for my work on page 10 https://planner5d.com/contests/works/?page=10 if you like it and I appreciate your feedback on my work prior to the voting period.

2020-08-07 04:00:08
Milica G.

Thanks a lot Murphy, I did give you a feedback prior to voting, you have probably missed it, I appreciate your feedback very much! Good luck to you, too!

2020-08-07 04:05:00

wow! your planner is very good!!!! so i voted you. your planner is neat. if you like it please vote me for my planner. good luck!!! my planner is white house. thanks!!

2020-08-07 07:22:50
Riccardo Neresine

I like it, because it's out of the box. I vote for you ;)

2020-08-07 16:51:23
Milica G.

Thank you Riccardo, happy to hear that you like it. Thanks for voting too. Good luck to you and keep submitting projects to Design Battle, I love to see them :).

2020-08-07 20:40:44
User 13726813

2020-08-07 21:36:41
Milica G.

Hi and thanks for voting and for the feedback! You are right, I didn't pay enough attention to both of the smaller rooms, actually.

2020-08-07 21:54:23

Jako lep dizain. Svidja mi se sto si napravila i yaseban deo ya odmor (cekaonicu). Ako budes imala vremena, molim te pogledaj moju kancelariju na str 8 https://planner5d.com/contests/works/?page=8 :)

2020-08-07 23:07:16
Milica G.

Ej ćao :))! Hvala ti puno na komentaru i evo odmah idem na stranicu sa tvojim rešenjem :).

2020-08-08 08:00:28
Albano Lizarraga

I liked what you did with the equipment, it looks comfortable and relaxing,

2020-08-08 21:54:52
Milica G.

Thanks a lot Albano, I have left a comment for you, too :)!

2020-08-08 22:54:51