¡La primavera está en el aire!

¡Diseña una sala de vacaciones con una mesa de comedor para celebrar el Día Internacional de la Mujer!

Stranger Things Lover

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User 16004304

2021-03-08 13:33:28
Stranger Things Lover


2021-03-08 13:44:47
Madeline Cyfko

Ty for the comment. It is nice other than the fact the chandelier is not positioned properly. lol gj

2021-03-08 14:21:47
Stranger Things Lover

oh yeah, i didnt realise that!!!!lol!!!thanks!!!

2021-03-08 14:38:43
Born to be Wild

Hi , thanks a ton for your kind words! I do like your design, especially the subtle grey colors. The kitchen looks lovely. Only one thing I would added are a few colors, but that's just my opinion :-)

2021-03-08 15:03:32
Stranger Things Lover

ok thanks next time I might add more colors!!!!!and thanks!!!!

2021-03-08 15:06:36
Hall Pat

Muy bien, me gusta ese estilo sobrio y serio que tiene el proyecto, al igual que como resaltan los colores que tienen los detalles en las baldas. Quizás hubiera agregado unos detalles con color en la zona del comedor, pero solo es una sugerencia sin intención de molestar :) buen trabajo

2021-03-08 15:18:12
Stranger Things Lover

Grasias hall pat

2021-03-08 15:38:32
Designer Queen.

i really like the disign but i would have used differant coulars

2021-03-08 16:53:23
Designer Queen.


2021-03-08 16:53:36
Stranger Things Lover

ok, thanks!!!!!

2021-03-08 17:30:23
User 20244259

i really love the layout and also the shelving but i think a bright colour could really have added some punch to it and brought it to the next level. please see mine on p.110

2021-03-08 18:27:49
Stranger Things Lover

ok, thanks!!!!!

2021-03-08 18:34:52
User 6292819

2021-03-08 20:31:24
Ellie ;)

I really like your design! You just added way too much of the same color. I don't think that nice landscape picture should be hanging over the stove. I also wished that you put that magnificent light fixture in the center of the table. If you would have put those boxed shelves on the other side of the wall I think it would be better. Considering how much is on that side of the space. Overall, good job! Be sure to view and review mine, and give me tons of feedback! Thanks!!

2021-03-08 22:52:30
Mari Mond

Good layout of the furniture and good decoration, only a little bit of color is missing! But it is very good.

2021-03-09 01:03:42

Thanks for your comment on my page your work looks great I love the way you arranged everything except for the chandlers .Good Luck on voting day!!!!!

2021-03-09 04:49:47

красиво мне нравится

2021-03-09 07:11:53
Vitor Augusto

olá ! obrigado por deixar meu projeto como favorito . olhe os outros depois com mais tempo :) esse seu projeto está muito bem feito eu gostei bastante desse contraste de cores puxadas entre preto e branco ! ficou otimo ! eu só arredaria o lustre para cima da mesa mas exeto isso está muito bem feito seu design ! Parabéns meu amigo !

2021-03-09 14:15:56
Stranger Things Lover

¡¡¡Muchas gracias por tu comentario!!!

2021-03-09 16:13:30